How to open and close your Love Story floating locket

Deb, here from Love Story Australia; let me show you how to open and close your beautiful

Love Story floating locket.

All Love Story Jewellery’s floating lockets are crafted with high-grade surgical steel, and our coloured lockets are tripled-plated to prevent tarnishing. They are hypoallergenic with over 40 styles, sizes, colours and shapes, including crystal-surrounded floating lockets.

Love Story floating lockets have two styles of locking mechanisms: twist lock and magnetic. 

  1. Let’s discuss creating your story in one of our beautiful twist-style floating lockets; remember the saying “lefty loosey, righty tighty”. Lightly holding onto the bale (where the chain goes through) is recommended. However, please do not pressure or twist the bale, as it might damage your locket. 

Gently Twist the top cover of the floating locket to the left. You will see the locket has two threaded halves.

Fill your locket with your favourite charms from Love Story’s range of over 1500 floating charms, the largest in-stock range in Australia. 

To close your personally created floating locket place the cover (top half of your locket) onto the base, line up the threads and twist to the right to tighten.

Your Love Story floating locket creation is now ready to wear and dazzle any outfit with your unique design created by yourself.

  1. With Love Story’s floating lockets that have magnetic locks, there is a hinge on one side of your floating locket; on the opposite side, there is an indentation; gently place your fingernails in the indentation and prise apart gently, and the locket will flip open quickly, however, will still be one piece held together by the hinge. 

Fill your locket with your favourite charms from over 1500 floating charms, the largest in-stock range in Australia, including birthstones, animals, love, cartoons, sports, anime and many other genres.

To close your floating locket, ensure all your floating charms are sitting in the encased bottom half of your locket and not on any part of the rim; your floating locket is now ready to close simply by folding over the cover to the base of your floating locket, you will hear a slight click this is the strong magnets doing their job.

Your treasured Love Story floating locket is now ready to wear and show off your creation.

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