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Anklet Measuring Guide
Ring Measuring Guide

Finding the right size Bracelet

Finding the right size bracelet for your charm bracelet is easy if you follow our handy guide.
Measure your wrist with a piece of string or ribbon, something that does not stretch as otherwise you will incorrectly size. Once the string is around your wrist, ensure you can fit two fingers under, this will leave enough room for your charms. It is essential to measure your wrist where you intend to wear your bracelet, for example, low or high on the wrist.
This fitting will allow for a bracelet full of charm beads. If you are choosing to only add one to three beads on your charm bracelet, we suggest having one finger instead of the two fingers under the bracelet.


Measuring Anklets

So you have decided to wear a stunning piece of jewellery on your ankle. How do you make sure that you are ordering the correct size and style for your ANKLET?

Follow this easy guide for help:

There is a couple of ways to wear your anklet

  1. Loosely and snugly below the ankle
  2. Snug above the ankle

To measure the length of an anklet you require is as easy as measuring with a non-flexible tape measure or string and then measure. A good tip is to wear a piece of string around your ankle to decide where is comfortable. Do this over a day or two.

Whichever way you like to wear your anklet it is important to make sure that the anklet does not pull when walking or moving.

Enjoy your new Anklet.

So how do you choose the correct ring?

The style of the ring is very important, ask yourself.

Would you like to be able to wear the ring every day? Or is the ring for special occasions?

If to wear every day. We suggest staying with solid designs, staying away from very thin bands and delicate designs.

On special occasions, go for it. The world is your oyster.

How to correctly size a ring?

  1. If you have a current ring, the same finger that the new ring will go on? It is straightforward. First of all, make sure you are happy with the fit of this particular ring. 
  2. How to know if you are happy with the fit? Is it cool weather? Is your ring a snug fit? If so we would suggest going up a size. Is it warm weather? Is your ring cutting in? We suggest going up a size. Please do not wear a cutting circulation, If you can not remove, go to your local jeweller and get it cut off asap. 
  3. If you are pregnant, please do not size as it will be inaccurate. If you have current rings on, we strongly suggest keeping a close eye and removing at any signs of swelling. As otherwise you will cut circulation, and the ring will need to be cut off. 
  4. Remember each hand is a different in size.
  5. The best time of day to measure for sizing is at around 6 pm. As like first thing in the morning, your hands are generally cool. The only exception to this rule is, have you been doing manual labour work today?, that you don’t normally do? Is there a heatwave happening?
  6. We suggest doing your ring sizing approx 3 to 4 times on different days, if possible. This ensures you have sized correctly.
  7. With children’s rings, we suggest to size on the middle finger. This way, as the child grows, you can swap to other fingers. 
  8. Oversized knuckles narrow where the ring sits. Try and get the ring over the knuckle with some cream. As otherwise, the ring will swing. If this is not possible, most jewellers will fit 2 little balls inside, to ease the swinging.
  9. The ring should fit your finger comfortably. Snug enough so that it won’t fall off.
  10. If you are going to stack rings, your sizes will differ. E.g., The bottom ring might be a “K” where your top ring might become an “L.”
  11. To size your current ring. Place the ring on a piece of paper.
  12. Trace the inside of the ring. 
  13. Measure the inside of the ring from left to right, on the inside measurement.

2a.  I do not have a current ring, how can I measure to get the right size?

  1. Any metal ring or hard plastic eg; A nut will work the same as above.
  2. We suggest metal or hard plastic and not a piece of string, paper size kits, etc, due to the fact that there are many that are inaccurate. They are flexible and they will give an incorrect measurement. The metal or hard plastic needs to go over the knuckle. There would be nothing worse than receiving your beautiful new ring, only to have it not go over your knuckle. 

3a. Once you have the inside measurement, what now?

Does the ring you are purchasing have a wide or narrow band?

If you have measured on a narrow band, but the new ring is a wide band, there is a slight adjustment in size. We can help you with this at Love Story Australia.

Generally speaking, you will need to go up a size. Depending on your size. Please message us for calcification prior to ordering. 

4a. You now have the details of your size needed. How can I convert this to actual size?

  • What happens if I have sized incorrectly? Can my ring be resized?
  • Yes, Sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct rings can be resized* by most local jewellers. 

*Tungsten, stainless steel, and some other metals cannot be resized. 

* Some styles of rings cannot be resized successfully for Eg; Pave settings as of stones popping etc.

Follow our sizing guide for approx measurements. 

As always Love Story Australia is here to help. Feel free to either email us at or message us through our Facebook page at

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We hope you find “ Ring Sizing and Purchase” helpful. 

As Love Story does not stock half sizes, we suggest the below.

Internal Size in mm from side to side= Size US We suggest= Size European we suggest
This is also circumference size in mm eg; tape-measure
= Size Australian we suggest