Photo Engraved Gifts For Best Results

Has it come time for a truly personalised gift to be given to a friend, loved one or family member?. Our Photo engraved gifts are the ideal gift.

To ensure the best quality for your new precious gift, we have a few tips on selecting the best photo.

Tip #1

Start with the right file type, we can work with most file types including jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, ai and many more. The important factor is always the size of the file. In most cases, a 2 to 7 MB file will turn out the best. Photos that were taken on lower-quality phones often produce lower-quality results.

Tip #2

Black and White photos can produce a more amazing finish they aren’t a requirement. Feel free to send us a colour photo or sepia, If a graphics proof is requested at checkout, our graphics team will let you know if the quality will not produce a quality result.

Tip #3

Steer Clear of mixed lighting photos where the photo is bright and sunny with darker parts. Photos of this nature will result in the quality of the engraving being mixed also. These mixed contrast photos can end in a bad-quality photo engraving.

Photo Quality
Photo Engraved Gifts For Best Results 2

Note: The quality of the photo is directly linked to the quality of the engraving. Please avoid photos that are blurry, over or underexposed.

Tip #4

Shaping is important for the right photo to match your chosen piece, a family photo of 20 people in a landscape would look high quality on our Army Dog Tags. The same photo would not suit a smaller Chloe heart-shaped pendant but a photo of a baby could.

Tip #5

Remember the photo will be decreased in size, this will cause fine details to be lost. Our graphics team will try to keep as much detail as possible in your photo. In some cases, small fine details may not be noticeable once engraved.

We hope this helps with choosing the photo that will give your precious gift the best possible outcome. If still unsure after reading if you are choosing the correct photo, we strongly suggest ticking the artwork proof option at checkout.

Deb and the Love Story Jewellery Team

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