Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common questions from our customers before purchasing. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at

I would like to purchase a ring, however, I do not know my size. Can you help?

Why do some photos turn out better, than others?

The quality of the photos supplied has a lot to do with the result. This is the reason why we have gone into great detail to let you know, which photos will produce the best results. For the best results please follow our guide by clicking here.

Am I able to pick up my order instore?

Yes, that is not a problem. At checkout, once you put your local postcode you will be able to choose Local pickup. If your postcode does not allow this on our website, and you wish to pick up, please email

Am I able to have a photo engraved on both sides of a pendant or keyring?

This is not a problem if the product allows this option you can find it in the dropdown menu on the product.

Is it possible to have an NRL logo or any licensed logo engraved, on our pendants or keyrings?

Currently, Love Story does not offer to engrave of licenced logos e.g. NRL, Disney and Marvel. If you are interested in having your business logo engraved please contact us so we can help further.

How many floating charms do I choose for my Love Story Floating Locket?

Each floating charm has the size in the description, the floating charms range in size from 4mm to 8mm, with most being large 8mm floating charms. We suggest for our 30 mm Love Story Lockets approx 6 x 8mm floating charms. Not to worry as each floating locket can be opened to swap charms at a later date.

I am trying to order more than 1 of the same floating charm, it will not allow me to order?

Our website has in-stock products only listed. This means the quantity you are trying to enter is unavailable at present. Please email us at and we will endeavour to refill the stock quickly.

Will my Love Story Locket give me a rash? What metal is my Love Story Locket made from?

Love Story uses a hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing high-grade surgical stainless steel only in our lockets. This also keeps your Love Story Locket affordable for everyone to own. Stainless steel does not tarnish.

How long does the shipping of my order take?

Love Story products are in stock in Newcastle NSW.  Generally, we ship the same day for orders placed prior to 12 pm Monday to Friday. If you have chosen a pre-order item (don’t worry they are easy to spot) your item can generally take up to 14 days to reach you, however, most items will be shipped within 7 days.

Can I wear my Crystal Surround Jewellery in the water?

To ensure your stunning Love Story floating Locket with Crystals stays beautiful throughout its life we recommend not wearing these pieces in steam or in water.