Measuring Anklets

Measuring Anklets

So you have decided to wear a stunning piece of jewellery on your ankle. How do you make sure that you are ordering the correct size and style for your ANKLET?

Follow this easy guide for help:

There is a couple of ways to wear your anklet

  1. Loosely and snugly below the ankle
  2. Snug above the ankle

To measure the length of an anklet you require is as easy as measuring with a non-flexible tape measure or string and then measure. A good tip is to wear a piece of string around your ankle to decide where is comfortable. Do this over a day or two.

Measuring Anklets 1

This is a 25cm Anklet and a nice length on this ankle

Measuring Anklets 2

A 27cm and another way to wear your anklet.

Measuring Anklets 3

A 30cm a rather loose fit, which is fine, however, not with these particular shoes as could quite easily catch.

Measuring Anklets 4

Whichever way you like to wear your anklet it is important to make sure that the anklet does not pull when walking or moving.

Enjoy your new Anklet.

Deb and the Love Story Team

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