Snoopy Floating Charms



Snoopy Floating Charms

Five styles to choose from:


Snoopy house:

Snoopy reading:

Woodstock bird:

Snoopy with glasses:

Snoopy Floating Charms Specifications

Snoopy approx Weight: .33 grams

Snoopy approx Size: 5mm x 8mm

Snoopy house approx Weight: .67 grams

Snoopy house approx Size: 8mm x 9mm

Snoopy reading approx Weight: .36 grams

Snoopy reading approx Size: 5mm x 7mm

Woodstock bird approx Weight: .29 grams

Woodstock bird approx Size: 5mm x 7mm

Snoopy with Glasses approx size: 7mm x 8mm

Snoopy with Glasses approx size: .46 grams


Floating lockets are sold separately to floating charms. Love story has over 1,000 floating charms to choose from, including plenty of cartoons of old and new. Our floating lockets make the ideal memorable gift.

Weight.45 g
Dimensions7 × 7 × 3 mm
Snoopy Styles

Snoopy, Snoopy house, Snoopy reading, Woodstock bird, Snoopy Glasses