Pokemon Keyrings



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Our Pokemon Keyrings are available in 6 different keyrings.

  1. Minus
  2. Raichu
  3. Pichu
  4. Turtwig
  5. Piplup
  6. Pokemon

Specifications: Pokemon Keyrings 

Minus approx weight: 4.89 grams

Minus approx size: 20mm x 25mm

Raichu approx weight: 5.98 Grams

Raichu approx size: 24mm x 24mm

Pichu approx weight: 5.55 grams

Pichu approx size: 20mm x 24mm

Turtwig approx weight: 5.63 grams

Turtwig approx size: 15mm x 25mm

Piplup approx weight: 5.87 grams

Piplup approx size: 15mm x 25mm

Pokemon approx weight: 5.57 grams

Pokemon approx size: 12mm x 35mm

In-stock and ready to ship from Newcastle NSW

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Weight 5.98 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 mm

Minus, Raichu, Pichu, Turtwig, Pokemon, Piplup