Harry Floating Charms



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Harry Floating Charms

  1. Silver-tone and black wand.
  2. Harry
  3. Hermione
  4. Draco
  5. Dobby
  6. Hedwig
  7. Voldemort

Specifications: Harry Floating Charms

Approx size 1: 15mm x 3mm

Approx weight 1:  .18grams.

Approx size 2: 8mm x 8mm

Approx weight 2:  .50grams.

Approx size 3: 8mm x 8mm

Approx weight 3:  .56grams.

Approx size 4: 6mm x 8mm

Approx weight 4:  .45grams.

Approx size 5: 10mm x 8mm

Approx weight 5:  ..62grams.

Approx size 6: 8mm x 8mm

Approx weight 6:  .67grams.

Approx size 7: 8mm x 8mm

Approx weight 7:  .53grams.

Floating charms sold separately to floating lockets.

In-stock and ready to ship from Newcastle NSW

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Weight .18 g
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 mm

Wand, Harry, Hermione, Draco, Dobby, Hedwig, Voldemort