Clutch Bag Floating Charms



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Clutch Bag Floating Charms

Choose from three styles:

Style one: Clutch purse with blue sunnies poking out.

Style two: Clutch purse with yellow sunnies poking out.

Style three: Clutch purse with red sunnies poking out.

Specifications: Clutch Bag Floating Charms 

Approx Size One: 8mm x 5mm

Approx Weight One: .43 grams

Approx Size Two: 8mm x 5mm

Approx Weight Two: .43 grams

Approx Size Three: 8mm x 5mm

Approx Weight Three: .34 grams

Floating charms sold separately to floating lockets.

In-stock and ready to ship from Newcastle NSW

Weight .43 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 mm
Colour Sunnies

Blue, Yellow, Red