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Designer Army Dog Tags

Designer Army Dog Tags Stunning styles that we feel have significant words. Suitable for the most memorable of occasions. They are the perfect gift for your loved one, a memorable one for a lifetime. We have tried to cover all couples in our collection. These unique couple's styles are ideal for putting your loving message across. A Bride or Groom on their wedding day. Or a special anniversary for a loved one. The Designer Army Dog Tag at $29.95, is a very affordable gift. CHANGES IN WORDING Designer Army Dog Tags Designs which we sure you will love if, however, you would like something a little different, please use our Design your own - Army dog tag for these. Silver, Gold, or Black, you choose. Our talented Laser Engraver on site has been in the industry for over 15 years. We hope you enjoy choosing your treasured Designer tag for your loved one, as much as we have had, putting the designs together for you. We are here to help feel free to let us know of a style we should add to our range of Designer Tags. Love Story Team.