Jewellery Care Sterling Silver 925

Jewellery Care Sterling Silver 925

This metal is the second most common in our range of metals we stock. Sterling Silver, chosen for its strength and beauty, Sterling Silver will last a lifetime and is 92.5% silver and the other metal is generally Copper. Pure Silver is very soft, making it not really viable for everyday use, however, when the likes of copper are added it becomes a harder metal.

Silver can tarnish leaving your jewellery with a dull copper look. What causes tarnishing? The gasses in the air actually react with the silver. What does tarnishing look like? Discolouring almost looks like it is fading or dirty.

Cleaning Sterling silver is easy with a jewellery cloth. Rub the piece, not quite as hard as you would stainless steel. The other way to clean your Sterling Silver Jewellery is via jewellery mix. You can also create your own jewellery cleaning dip. In approximately  250 MLS of warm water use approximately a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and a soft head toothbrush. Place your piece into the mixture and using the toothbrush gently (to avoid scratches) clean in all areas. After cleaning rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft hand towel. If your Sterling Silver piece is stone set, we suggest to use the jewellery cloth method, as some stones are not able to be soaked etc, or near even the mildest of dishwashing liquid.

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