Hope Floating Charms


Hope Floating Charms
Hope Floating Charms
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Hope Floating Charms

Choose from four different styles:

Style one: A stunning oval with silver ” Hope” in either pink or teal.

Style two: Hope in beautiful pink with a sparkling crystal in the “O.”

Style three: Silver-tone “Hope” with a heart for the “O.”

Style four: Silver-tone: “Hope” in scriptwriting

Style five: Silver-tone “Hope” with a crystal in the “O.”

Specifications: Hope Floating Charms 

Style one approx weight: .44 grams

Style one approx size: 8mm x 5mm

Style two approx weight: .34 grams

Style two approx size: 8mm x 5mm

Style three approx weight: .22 grams

Style three approx size: 9mm x 3mm

Style four approx weight: .19 grams

Style four approx size: 10mm x 3mm

Style five approx size: 11mm x 5mm

Style five approx weight: .44 grams

Floating lockets are sold separately to floating charms.

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One, Two, Three, Four, Five


Teal, Pink, Silver

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