December 2006 
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Welcome to the December edition of the Internet Love Stories newsletter.
This month, we've added eight new stories to our Good Stories section and three new stories to the Bad Stories category. Below we've highlighted a few of the best for your reading pleasure.

First up, Indian TV journalist Jyoti and her online love Mr Smiley prove Internet romance doesn't just happen in the movies! Young cyberlovers Ashleigh and Blake from the U.S. are keeping their 3 year online affair a secret from their families. Single parent Kathy despairs of ever meeting her ideal man until a casual email from Todd changes her life forever. Meanwhile, Holly from the US has fallen for a Mumbai-based movie producer 7 years her senior and is hoping her family accepts her interacial relationship.
Finally this month, cyberlovers Lisa and Ric have an interesting time trying to explain to their families that they are now married, having only met in person 48 hours before!
Enjoy all these stories and more on Internet Love Stories...

 Jyoti and Mr Smiley
 From India

It happens only in movies. Or in romantic novels. The perfectly made-for-each-other couple. But the destiny had not struck the right chord-so to speak- to make them sing together. Me - a dreamy-eyed girl from a sleepy town of India. Trying to seek my life in my carrer as a TV journalist. He - the Mr. smiley from southernmost state of India, fulfilling his passion about finance in Uncle Sam's country. Almost 11,000 miles away from me.

Struggling with extra-stretched work hours, almost impossible deadlines and hustle-bustle of Delhi traffic, it was "new-story-every-day-kinda-life" for me! Meeting and interacting with people was the essential part of my profession, but I was yet to meet the man of my dreams. And after 25 years and no special someone in my life, I was not very positive about the phrase- "There is somebody for everybody"!


 Ashleigh and Blake
 From the United States

Blake and I are hopelessly in love no matter what anyone tries to say. Im 16 and Blake is 17. We have talked for 3 years now. I can still remember the first time we started talking. We met in a chat room and he Im'ed me. I was in the 7th grade and Blake was in the 8th. I can still remember how much I was amazed at how much we got along and how we had so much in common. From that day on we had talked every day for 2 years (except when one of us was on vacation.) I had begun to like Blake ALOT.

Last year though we had lost communication for 7 whole months. His computer had broken. I had changed my screen name but still kept his screenname in hopes of talking to him again; I knew there was something special about him. Finally in July of last year his name popped up, I was so happy that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We had caught up on things that had happened between us and I couldn't believe how each day we talked I liked him more and more. One day in August, Blake told me we needed to talk...


 Kathy and Todd
 From the United States

I had been separated/divorced for about 5 yrs. I dated a bit but never found anyone who I felt I would want to spend my life with. My son was 4 yrs old when his father and I ended our marriage. I had tried love at AOL and met alot of men..all at local coffee shops so that I would be safe and could decide if it was someone with whom I would be interested in. Nobody ever seemed to be what I was truly looking for.

Then one summer day in 2001 I received a response from an ad that I placed with AOL. It was a guy named Todd who was employed by an airline in a city nearby. He lived about 40 minutes from me and seemed very nice. We emailed for about a week, then he had to leave to help a friend move across the country. I figured I wouldnt hear from him again although he did send his pic to me and I found him attractive. Low and behold he instant messaged me upon his return home about a week later. We made a date to meet on that Sunday coming at a coffee shop in the city I resided...


 Holly and Chris
 From the United States and India

My story begins in a very simple way. One night in January I got bored so I decided to join an internet dating site, maybe not to find love but maybe just to find some new friends. One week later I was searching profiles when all of a sudden the site's instant messenger popped up. I clicked on it and started chatting. His name is Chris,he is 30 and a movie producer from Mumbai, India.

Me being an amateur screenwriter, we have a lot in common already, plus he is only 7 years my senior, a perfect age for me. We chatted from 11 PM until 2 AM the next morning, we added each other to our Yahoo messenger lists the same morning and chatted until 4 AM! Within a month we started writing a screenplay together and then our friendship turned into love. We started chatting with webcam, on the phone and we exchanged hundreds of photos. He is such a handsome, beautiful man, inside and out...


 Lisa and Ric
 From the United States

I had started online dating a year ago. I would join a site, list a profile with pictures, go on dates and then was terribly disappointed that I was not meeting anyone that I "clicked" with. At times I would get disillusioned to the point that I would deactivate my accounts. I work on a cruise ship and dating is complicated so occasionally I would exchange numbers with or chat with men online. I made a few connections with the plan to meet them when I went home to California on vacation. I'd been home exactly one month with a handful or more unsuccessful first dates. One day I found a new site that appealed to me.

I completed the prerequisite profile and loaded my pictures. I began to browse the profiles. Day three on the site I noticed a warm and inviting face matched with an equally stimulating and appealing profile. His expressed desires were exactly what I was looking for. I sent him a note not expecting a response. My note said simply, "I like your profile." A day later he replied it was very casual at first and I thought, "Hmmm he is not that interested." I later found out that it was initially because my pictures had not been approved and he was looking at a profile with no picture and that made him pause...


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