May 2006 

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to another edition of the Internet Love Stories newsletter.
This month, we've added nine new stories to our Good Stories section and two to our Bad Stories section. We've highlighted a few of the best below.

Young cyberlovers Scott and Jessica met in 2002, travelled half the world to be together and are now happily married and living in the U.S. Wolf and Dream decided even their respective spouses couldn't stand in the way of their online romance, while Manuel escaped Communist Cuba to pave the way for his cyberlove Anna to join him.
Sad Claire discovered her cyberlove would choose his strict Indian family over his relationship with her and lucky Lori met her knight in shining armour - who just happened to live in Malta! Read on...

 Scott and Jessica
 From New Zealand and United States

Jess and Scott met on msn messenger August 2002 through a mutual friend, Scott was 18 and Jess was 16. Their friendship blossomed over the next couple of months; they would often talk on msn messenger and the webcam chat client; 'Eyeball' till all hours off the morning; just getting to know each other even though Jess had school in the morning.

They were both growing very fond of each other; falling more and more in love each and everyday that they talked; but neither of them knew how to tell the other. One night at about 1am (NZ time) Jess couldnt contain herself any longer and blurted out "I have fallen in love with you"...




 Wolf and Dream
 From Canada

We met at Lavalife almost a year ago i think, giggles. We were both searching to find a friend, a true friend. Someone to talk with, laugh with, connect with. Even though we both are married to different spouses, we both needed this extra something special. Something thats been missing from both our lives, we found in each other.

Wolf's first letter to me, even before we started talking to one another, drew me to him instantly. I replied to him shortly there after. He and i were both looking for the same thing and we hit if off. And several letters later, we knew we were and know we are each others soul mates, soul companions, best friends, secret lovers and we are together for life. ...




 Manuel and Anna
 From United States and Armenia

I was 21. I just got my first ever job dealing with computers and Internet. A more Internet experienced co-worker of mine introduced me to ICQ. My first steps in ICQ were rather timid, limited by communication with people from Armenia. Gradually I enlarged my geography, and on one summer day of 2001 decided to hook up some Spanish-speaker and practice my Spanish of which i had a little knowledge from university.

I sent several messages with the quite uninteresting HOLA DE ARMENIA. Several guys replied, among them someone from Cuba, with nickname "mano", aged 25 ....and since then, during three long years those 4 small letters "mano" became the power that made my heart beat like crazy when I saw "mano online" blinking in the taskbar of my PC. There followed 3 years of chatting for hours, sometimes 24 hours a day, emailing, calling....




 From United Kingdom

Well, my story is a love story, even though we are not in love anymore. I knew it was true love... but like many others it was not a success. I met him when I was 16 yrs old (just because I am young does not mean I was not in love). He was 22. The way we met was somewhat strange.

I live in a city in England called Brighton and my friends very often chat on the Internet, anyway on Yahoo they set up their own chat (I was not using the internet at this moment) and surely enough my soon to be lover joined. My friends started talking to him, and told me the next day that they met a really cool guy on the net..




 Lori and Sonny
 From United States and Malta

My grandfather was in the hospital. I couldn't bear seeing him in that state again that evening so I stayed home. I went into a chat room, one I've never visited before. I just picked it at random. I was telling the room how sad I felt about my grandfather and someone sent me a whisper "smile, it will get better". Little did I know he, Sonny, would be my future husband.

The next morning my grandfather died. God didn't let me hit rock bottom. He sent me an angel, my husband, to help me through that rough time. We talked and emailed for a year. Over this time we fell in love. We knew we were soulmates. He came to the USA for me and we returned to Malta together.




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