My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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Love and Romantic Shopping Links

Here are links to sites about general love and romance, plus sites where you can buy romantic gifts for your cyberlove. 




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Love and Romance Links

Spicy Cedar Where Love Blooms
Flirt Power Romanceopedia
The Better Lover The Love Zone
Love Poems & Quotes Love Greeting Cards
Smooches The Story Behind The Rock
Greet2K Love Games
Love Poems & Quotes 123 Greetings
Love Cards 4 U Love Sessions
How to Pick Up Chicks 101 I Love You
Romance eCards Sweetest Day Cards
Short Love Poems Love Quotes
Love Fate Destiny Love Landia
Romantic Greetings My Love Greetings
Greetings n eCards Latest n Greatest
Love Poem Love Poems by David H
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Poems and Poetry Dating Dilemma
Mr or Mrs Right Now About Lover
Valentine Card Search Loves
Date School Inspirational Lane
Romance Quote Date Hints
Truth About Deception 123India Greeting Cards
Romance Love Quotes Beauty of Love
Hi Greetings Sneak a Kiss Day Cards
My Funny Birthday Greetings Secret Loves
Rose Month Greetings First Free eCards
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000 Relationships Love Comes Chat for Free
Salsa Boot Camp 101 Love Notes
100 Free eCards 101 Romance
Valentines Day Cards Love eCards
Romantic Greetings Relationship Headquarters
101 Love Cards Your Link!
Your Link! Your Link!

Romantic Shopping Links Daisy Does
Dating School eBook You Carry It Baskets
Love Quotes Software
AEWebWorks Dating Software Live to Love Book
Mr Roses 800 Florals
PHP Online Dating Software
Your Link! Your Link!

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