Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Here is my story... It was a couple of years ago where I met the love of my life.

My mom had just got me AOL and on the first day I was excited and felt like messing with the chat rooms.

  I wasn't like one of those girls that comes in there to find a guy. I was there to criticize stupid people. 

Then out of nowhere this guys started getting on my case and we stayed in the chat room for about 30 minutes just capping at each other like crazy. Of course I had better capping skills so I won!!!...The guy had signed off and I had no sign of him. The next day he IM's me and I just started talking to him. At first I didn't know it was him. Then out of nowhere he was like, "Sorry about yesterday". I started giggling and thought that he was one of those losers.






We talked for a while and we knew we started liking each other. A couple of weeks after I met him online and he asked for my phone #. I gave it to him and I talked to him for like 2 hours straight. If he wasn't from another State I would have met up with him but he lived across the U.S. (which really wrecks because I have no idea what this guy looks like). We talked every day from then on. We started falling in love with each other. (I know it sounds like a fairy tale). We both had messed up lives with our parents and friends (drugs too) but we made each other stronger.

He was one of those fobby gangsta boys (I'm drawn to bad boys) and he did get in trouble with the cops. He wasn't a citizen and the Korean embassy was after him too trying to put him in the army in Korea (and never let him come back!). He decided to hide out for a while and came to San Francisco to stay at my house. My dad was on a business trip (as always) and I told my mom he was my tutor from 4th grade (did I mention that I was 14 then). The thing that shocked me was that she actually bought it (rule # one to all those kids out there: If you want something/or say need your parents to trust you...stay home and study and get good grades and stay away from the opposite sex - it will pay off later on). I didn't know what he looked like. 

It was like a blind love and blind promises. But to me it showed that he didn't care what I looked like outside but what I showed internally. When I got to the airport I called him. We actually bumped into each other. We looked at each other and gave each other the biggest hug and didn't let go for a while. For the next 2 weeks he stayed with me. I loved him more everyday. It made me realize so many things when I was with him. Butterflies and pink fuzzy bunnies filled the air. (He was also the guy that took my virginity away from me). The only thing that broke us apart was my dad getting back from his business trip early and the fact that one of my friends stabbed me hard in the back and told my mother the truth. You know how Chinese parents are. 

He got kicked out of my house and had to return to V.A. He stayed for 4 more days @ travel lodge before he went back to Virginia. My dad was so uptight on me but I actually got the chance to sneak out and we met up at the metron. We went back to his hotel from and I lay with him just smiling the whole time as he held me tight. As if the moment wasn't sucky enough, he started crying. I was sad and crying at the same time too but it made me understand that he was real to me. (IT didn't matter if it was such a far relationship and if he was 4 years older then me.) All that mattered was that we have so much good intentions and love for each other. He made me go back home because he didn't want my dad to worry (plus my dad had anxiety...yea yea i know I'm a horrible daughter) and I got practically killed. The day he left, I was locked in my room crying. 

My dad has killed all communication between us. He even disabled my cell phone from calling. Then about an hour later my guy called me and he was leaving on the train. He told me to not cry and to always have faith and never give up...I actually believed him and stayed with him for a really really long time. 

It's January 2002 right now, I am almost and him are still the same...only communication over the phone like hours a day but the day I always dreamed of is coming closer (the weird thing is that we can talk about the stupidest stuff but for some reason we find it very entertaining). I really didn't believe it but me and him actually made it this far and are even more madly in love.

The weird thing is that I never thought life would work out like this. I have been with a whole load of guys before and even though they were so sweet to me and everything (no I'm not talking about amateurs like 14 year olds, more like 17..16...hehe), I never felt a thing for them. When I'm with him it feels like nothing matters anymore and it seems like heaven has come to me. I guess that's what you call true love. 

And in the future (very soon in the future), he and I will get married and spend our lives together through thick and thin and nothing will separate us ever (I can put everything I have on it). I will post some pictures later on...