Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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Actually the story starts some 5 years ago, when I had just moved to Vienna and had just started my studies.


Then I met a girl, we came along quite well and had a good time together, but from the very beginning on I just knew that this was surely not the gal I was planning to spend a lifetime with, but still, life together with her was quite comfortable and I thought seldom about breaking up.

But then about 2 years ago I came across that little chat client called "mIRC" and I was fascinated about the possibilities that came up, I quickly made my "career" on a local channel and met a lot of people that I knew from this chat, guys as well as gals.






And of course, when men and women meet, there's always a chance that something might happen... well, that was the way my relationship slowly went downhill, I started betraying my girlfriend, I was really good at finding excuses why I wanted to go out alone or why I came home late, she never really recognized what was going on.

Although this was kind of an adventure and for a while it was quite fascinating, I wasn't very happy with the life I led those days. At the beginning of this year the situation changed dramatically: she got pregnant. First it was really a kind of shock for me, I thought that this was the end of my happier days and I was now sentenced to lead the life of a family man. But I kept thinking it all over and slowly I decided that this would be all right for me.

Since then I also broke up with all those one-night stands and more kind of sexual relationships as I had decided to take the full responsibility and reduced my cyber-meetings to my best friends that I had learnt to know there. Until one day.... well... actually it was a casual meeting with a friend, we just sat out in a nice restaurant in the garden, having a beer or two and we had also invited some other folks from the chat, they were rather late because they had troubles finding us but they finally made it, and amongst them there was this girl.... !!!

I knew her from the chat, she was really cute, but we had never met before in real life, my goodness, I fell in love with her immediately. But I was there with my girlfriend and she was there with her boyfriend, so things seemed quite clear, everybody had his relationship and seemed to be quite content, so I thought I better forget that quickly. But I just couldn't get her off my mind and it seemed neither could she. So we kept on meetin each other, just on a friends-only base, together with other friends, we also made some trips together with our both partners, but there was always this tense feeling, maybe everybody must have felt that something is wrong here.

This went on for more than one month, I thought maybe we could just become good friends and continue this way, but I knew that I needed her around me some way. But, as I already mentioned, men and women together, there's always a chance for things to happen, there was this wicked afternoon that we spent together with a friend, we all had a lot of fun and a lot of drinks, we sat there until late night.. then our friend went off for the men's room for a minute and I think for the first time we really looked into each others eyes and - ka-booooom!! I touched her forehead and took her into my arms, saying nothing... this minute until our friend came back from the lavatory, it lasted for a thousand years I think.

When he came back he smiled and made some comment like "i knew this was going to happen!" Later on we kissed and when I went home, my knees really went trembling, I could hardly crawl down to the subway. Something deep inside had happened, this was not the way the usual affairs went, definitely not! I was hardly able to catch a clear thought and slept very bad this night. I really knew that some very big change in my life was happening. The next days we kept meeting each other again and again, but somehow we both had the feeling that this might not be such a good idea and that it might be better for both of us to part as long as it was possible, but we just could not!!! She was everything that I have been dreaming of all of my life, the way she looked, her kind of humour, her agility.. just the woman of my dreams, and it seemed that it was just the same with her.

I had no clue how this wicked situation could resolve at all, and finally she said: "Listen, we can't continue this way. I love you I want you, but I want you all for me. Either we take the step and leave our partners or we better not meet each other again." This clear and distinct argument gave my overloaded brain a little kick again, and I started to think it all over as serious and objective as possible. I thought how life with my girlfriend could go on... how long could I carry on with her pretending that we were happy together, and what would happen with the baby when we broke up in a few years?

My god, it was really hard for me... on the one hand the woman I was really loving madly, on the other hand the girl that was pregnant. And, was I really sure that this was the right woman for me? Or would we be breaking up in a few weeks anyway.. my god, actually we didn't really know very much about each other.. what should I do... But after some hard days and nights, I finally came to a decision, I was sure that it was definitely the right thing to do, I had to spend my life together with this woman I loved so much, I had to go through this. It was hard for my girlfriend to understand and even harder for her to take this, but a few days later I called the woman of my dreams and told her: "I did it. How about the two of us going to have breakfast?"

Well, and from this day on we were together, she told me that she had already broken up with her guy a week ago or so, but she wanted to take this decision on her own and didn't want to tell me about it in order not to put me under any pressure that I would feel I had to follow her lead. And since then things went better from day to day, and from day to day I know again and again that I really did the right thing, this must be what you call true love, and although we both weren't too keen on getting married at all before, we both changed our minds, we are going to marry next Spring and are both very positive about our common future, about having children, about buying a flat for the two of us, about growing old together.

She really made a happy man out of me, she is the one woman out of 3 billion that was made for me, and me, I was the lucky guy to find her!