Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Australia

Hi, thanks for letting me tell you my story.

Actually it involves 3 of them. Let me start from the beginning.

  On January 2000 (new year's day)..I began using the internet, I usually wasn't looking for anyone special cause I thought this was I began going to chat rooms, and I found very interesting people from all over the world, but there wasn't a chemistry between us.

Until Summer 2000 when I was on vacations I remember that I didn't had anything to do, I had just come out of a bad relationship in person, so I went to a chat room, and I said that all men suck.






When I said that, a very good man from Portugal (Luis) said that nobody is the same we began talking and talking more on the instant messenger, but on june the 16th I had to go to a trip to Cancun Mexico for a whole week. I thought I felled in love with him, he was so nice, so sweet, we always shared cyber kisses and all that. But that should of had an end.

We were talking real nice, when I was going to go to my trip to Mexico I e-mailed him saying that I had to go now, and that I would be back on a week, that I miss him, and that I hope we would get together one day. So, I went to my trip, I didn't had any access to a computer, I was very frustrated during the trip cause I was just thinking about him, I didn't enjoyed the trip, I missed him so much, I was desperate to go back to my texas' home so that I could look at my e-mail and see if he wrote to me. So, he did wrote to me saying that he miss me too, and that he would look for me after, but e-mailed me on the same day that I went on that trip. So like u know the portugal hours are very diff, when it was 6 on the morning here, overthere was 12 I decided to get up everyday at 6:00 in the morning so I could talk to him, but he never appeared, I e-mailed him so many times and he never responded day I got tired and just forgot about it cause I didn't had other choice, so that was the past.

Well..then later the summer finished..I felt very lonely and I decided to place an ad on AOL..once I get to birthday was on july 24 and I decided to publish it that day. So I placed a picture there and said a lot of stuff about myself, my interests, my music, and how do I want my match, but the picture never appeared on the ad....I waited for more than 3 weeks..when I decided to send the picture again so that they could place it with the ad. In three days the picture and the ad together were on August 22nd suddenly a man (Bret)from dallas TX..(about 10 hours drive way from me, who is 33) wrote to me descriving his music, what he likes to do..his age, where he lives, what does he do, where have he traveled, his family and all that along with his picture. Once I read that response I felt something very special for him...and he so handsome, I felled in love when I saw his picture. So I wrote him back also telling him more stuff about me, and we began talking on the instant messenger. Until I was noticing that he was always busy, he was always leaving me hanging because he had to go to his sister's house, he always invented excuses why he couldn't be online when he tried to meet me there. 

And he was so insecure about the age, and about the distance. He said that he's too old, and that he's too far..although he continued chatting with me cause he thought that I was a great person who's so beautiful and who had a lot to offer to someone..and very interesting. So..we talk a lot sometimes..but most of the time he was always busy..during the third week and thereafter, we just talked once a week for about an hour and half...and I didn't like that cause he could of called me at home...but he never did. day we planned on meeting in thanksgiving (nov 23, 00)..the last time we talked....but then on wednesday from the other week he wrote to me an e-mail saying:.."christy, I am so sorry, I just thought it was better to do it this way, I know u are a great person and that you are going to find the one soon, you are very special and have a lot to offer to someone but I just don't think I am the one, I am scared about the age difference. I do have a special place in my heart for u..but I think u can do better with someone who's younger and who lives closer to you, if you ever come to dallas I would love to have lunch with you, I would always be thinking about you, Bret"...that was how he expressed..I felt so sad because we made so many plans..he even thought about having babies..and everything...until he wrote to me that e-mail...I felt the worst thing on my life that I even wanted to kill myself cause life isn't worthy. 

Then I wrote to him e-mails saying that this is not fair...and we talked and argued a lot once after he wrote that e-mail to me..and he decided to give it a shot, and to get to know each other in person and take it from there. So I was very happy that day...the days were passing through..and he never wrote to me again. Once I was very sad cause he never wrote to me I decided to go chatting on a chat..and I met a very special friend (Adam)from australia..(I usually wouldn't had chatted with someone that far..but he was very interesting..and I didn't asked for his place until the we exchanged put each other on the messenger's list) I began telling him all my problems..shared my thoughts..and deceptions and we became just very good friends. 2 weeks passed by until I was wondering what happened to Bret.. 

So i decided to call him at the company. I asked for him and the one who answer the phone pass it to him...he said "hello, this is Bret"....and I said "hello I am Christy" as soon as he heard that I am Christy and just heard my voice..he hanged up real bad..but I didn't give I called him again and the one who answered the phone said that he was real busy on a meeting with recruiters. SO after that I was thinking that maybe he hanged up to me because he couldn't talk..and I understood. So I tried to call him the next day once I got back from school I dialed the number and a man answered..I am sure he was that one..and as soon as he heard my voice he hanged up again..and then I called him again and he hanged up I felt so bad..and decided that he wasn't worthy..that he was just a stupid jerk who didn't deserve someone as me to cry for him. 

So...I told my Aussie friend, Adam, about all that..and he was always very sweet..very caring..very understanding that he captured my heart. I told him all my problems about this guy, and he said that he's not worthy..that i deserve someone who will always love me for who I am..that won't care about distance and age..someone who will be very secure about himself. and someone who will always try to make me happy. We talked for so much until he said "I love u"..and I said "yeah right"..and he said "yeah I do..I am serious..I like the way you are because you are very sweet, very romantic..and you care more for others than for yourself" I felt something special when Adam said that. I told him that I didn't wanted to try because he lives on the side of the world..Australia and I live on the USA and it would be so hard to meet one day..but he said that nothing is impossible. I was very afraid of trying again because of what had happened to me..but then I said..I don't think that everyone is the same way..I believe everyone is diff..and he showed to be a very special guy who's just irresistible. 

So..I always like him when I was talking to the jerk from dallas..but I didn't realize how special he was just that he told me that he met a girl who lived only 10 hours away from him on his same country..and that he never wrote to her because he thought it would of be too hard to see each other. So I said..if he didn't wanted to try with her who only lived about 10 hours drive i said then I am lost, I don't have any chance. But then he said that he never thought he would feel something special for just happened. So right now we are talking real nice..I don't want to make any plans with him because of what happened with the other guys.. I am just going to take it as it that god would help me..and be careful, honest and sweet all the time. Those are the keys to success. 

Right now I hope that everything goes ok with him cause I wouldn't stand another deception again. He seems to be great..cause he came into my life when I needed him the most..he's always there when I need him..he's so romantic..very understanding and very secure about what he wants. I always say that we shouldn't worry about the future but pray about it..and let it god guide us. Now I just hope this continues. He has an investment and he is going to come to see me soon if it's god's will as soon as that investment comes out..and I hope that everything will go ok. I had two bad internet experiences..and this one is the third one and the last one. I am just going to trust him and let's see what happens. Maybe one day if we both fall in love I will move to australia because I love it..or he will come to the usa to stay with me. But I am going to try not to feel those emotions very soon although it's so hard not to feel them for such a cute and understand guy..but I will try..get to know each other in person first..and take it from there. Bye..and thanks again.