Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   Canada
He's From:     United States

Although my marriage was never particularly good, it did begin to come to a close in March of this year.

I was starting to feel like I had to get out of it, but didn't really have any motivation to do so.


I was not in love anymore, but was biding my time. We have no children so there were no ties to him. My husband came to me at the beginning of May , and demanded we buy a computer, so he could play his games. I really didn't want one to begin with, but gave into his demands as usual, and went out shopping. On that same day, we were hooked into the net, and my friend started pestering me to install "Paltalk". 

I finally relented a few weeks later. I decided to log on as "Aria44" being a music lover. I went out and bought a webcam so I could chat with people face to face, and thought it was fantastic being able to see people from all over the world.





  I was born and raised in Canada and had never travelled past the United States. I chatted to different people all over, but was never inclined to get personal with them, after all, I was married.

One day, while I was online, I went into the "users with web cam" room and was fascinated by a name called "Dodger5". I thought to myself, hmm interesting name. So I private messaged him and invited him to cam chat with me. He turned out to be a police officer in the United States which really intrigued me, since I had been through law enforcement training myself in previous years. At first I thought this guy was really rude. He would do everything to rub me the wrong way, by his words and by his actions, and then I would shut my camera off and stop talking to him. Every time I logged on, he seemed to be hovering about and I did everything to ignore him, until one day. I thought that I would give it another try, and he said to me "I know how to push your buttons". I laughed and thought to myself, this is how little boys act when they like little girls. They pick on them. 

So I decided to give him a dose of his own medicine and started to be equally as rude to him. Well what happened then? The conversations began to open up and it turned out he had a great sense of humor. We began chatting about our lives, friends and family. He was unattached. He had been in the U.S marines, which also attracted me to him. I told him that I was in the midst of a separation, which was my intent, but at the time had not yet come to pass. But still, he kept chatting with me despite my situation. He slowly became my friend, and confidante, and kept my spirits up.

After a couple of weeks, we decided to snail mail each other. I explained to him that I would write him, and that he couldn't send me a letter, not yet at least. So I wrote a letter to him, but felt reluctant to send it and so I kept it in my work bag. I honestly didn't feel right sending it. I knew it would be wrong to get any closer to this man. I didn't want to lead him on in any way nor did I want any kind of relationship, that would be unfaithful even though I wasn't happy.

One day I came home and noticed my webcam missing. My husband came in shortly after and confronted me with the letter. He had found it while looking for something in our bedroom. I was honest and upfront about the contents of the letter and it wasn't my decision to leave him for another man. I told him the truth about why I didn't send it even though our marriage had been on the rocks for a while. Unfortunately I had made the mistake of writing about Dodger5's occupation in the letter and how I would look forward to saying hello in person one day if I was driving through his town. 

At this time it was a possibility since I had been planning a vacation with my mom very close to his home state. My husband threw my camera out, and not only that, but called information and got Dodger5's home telephone number. He called Dodger5 at home and threatened him. My husband didn't stop there, he called the police dept. in Dodger5's town and reported him as being an internet pervert, and posing as an officer.

My husbands statement became a product of his emotions, and a way to avenge himself, the very thing that was driving me away to begin with. Afraid, and upset, I left my husband that night and stayed with my cousin, another paltalk user. I logged on and messaged Dodger5, and he answered, telling me about his conversation with my husband. I immediately asked if I could call him on the phone, so I could apologize to him. I thought this was going to be the end, but when I phoned and heard his voice for the first time, I almost died. I was hooked...Wow, what a voice. We talked and joked for nearly an hour, and he told me that he was worried about me going home, and felt I wouldn't be safe if I did. As it turned out later on, he was right.

At this point I knew I was falling for him. He was so caring, and concerned about my well being. He is not a police officer in his hometown, but damage was done to his reputation by my husband's phone call. I ended up giving a statement regarding our conversations on the net, and Dodger5 had to make a statement as well. It was his birthday on this week so I sent him flowers to apologize for everything. I felt terrible. After all his career was at stake. But he told me that what we did was no-one's business, and they couldn't stop us from talking. And if chatting on the internet is a crime, then everyone in the world should be incarcerated. A lot of stuff has hit the fan, and every time we had any contact and agreed to cool off our friendship, or just stop all together, circumstances arose and we'd be forced back together again.

Things began to happen that would bring us closer. We now speak to each other every day either online, or telephone. He jokes about this being an act of God , and we're meant to be together, or else why would all of this be happening? I laughed and now we've decided it's time to meet. I miss him every day and can't stand a day to go by without talking to him. I'm flying to the U.S.A in August for a weekend, which was my choice in wanting to just go somewhere. This is all we can talk about now. I can't wait for my first steps into the airport and to give him a huge hug, after the roller coaster ride we've been on.

My husband and I have separated for good, and I'm looking forward to getting on with my life. I'm looking forward to meeting the man that I cannot be torn away from...