It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Thailand
He's From:     Sweden

My nick name is X. Im 24 years old now. 

I work for tourism company in Thailand and live in Bangkok.


I met DAN on ICQ in 2001. Before I met him on icq I had a good friend from Sweden and he is so kind that made me want to know the people in that country too. Dan told me that will come in Bangkok on Aug 5, 2001 for connect flight and will be here in Bangkok 10 hours. I decided to ask him that maybe I can be his guide while he waits for the connecting flight going to meet his girlfriend who lives in Austria. 

She is an Indonesian girl but works in that country. I just wonder why he have love so far like that I decided to ask him that "would you love to be my boyfriend for 10 hours?".






So I got yes for my answer. When we met the first time. I feel that I just fall in love with him. He is so handsome. We just say hi but no hug the first time. After that we go to the Mall and see movie together. He hold my hand all the time in the theater. And he started to kiss me. (oh it was so great). But I know that we will just only be friends and our relation will not grow up because he has a girlfriend already. 

I accompanied him to the Airport again with a smile on my face. After that we still kept in contact by mail. I knew that his girlfriend had still not gone to meet him at the hotel and that was 5 days ago. Then I decide to ask him by SMS Would you like to be my boyfriend for 7 days?" After that, I know that she told him that will she come to meet him after 7 days but he told me that she hurt him a lot and he decided to come to meet ME and become MY boyfriend for 7 days. LOL!!. I booked a bungalow at Chang Island and asked him if he wanted me booking his room or will he be in my room. He decided sent SMS to me and told me that it would be great if he shared room with me. 

I met him for the second time. Yeah this trip we stayed together 7 days in Chang Island. That island is so romantic for couples in love. They don't have foreigners traveling there much and the nature is still beautiful. We were at Trad province early morning around 3 am. I just decided that we should book the room in here before we go to pier for Chang Island. Then we called a mini van and go to near pier and find some room in there. That time it was raining. After that we took a shower. He started to kiss me and everything went so fast. I just was sad a little bit and worried that he will go back to his old girlfriend. 

We are at Chang Island now. It has the best beach that I ever seen. We spend time together in Chang Island. I was thinking that I have never had a guy the same as him before. He is so cute and warm and loving. He kisses me all the time all day. We do not talk with other people . This world just has only us. We make love, swim, kiss, hug. I never think that I can love one guy so much like I love him. 

Our last time together is coming now. I sent him to the Airport with my tears. He promises me that he will back for me again. I really love him. I want to be with him now and forever but its hard because he lives so far from me. And he told me that it is easy for him to fall in love with girls. And now he loves me like crazy too. I always think of one kiss from him when I had a bad day and nobody stood by me. I had been pushing him back to his girlfriend. He was crying so much because I told him that I will not contact him anymore. That time my heart is broken too. Who will know the future? For me love must mean only love. After that we still contact by mail, icq and yahoo. 

Dec 22, 2001 He came back to Thailand again. But I must work 6 days at a time. I decided to lie to my family and go to stay with him at night time everyday. I can't work when he is here. I wait for finish work time and hurry back to him early and go to have dinner together and sleep together all night. When I go back to him at evening we will start to hug and kiss. Oh I love him so so much. We went to a studio to take a photo together. Its the greatest picture that I've ever had. On Christmas eve, he asked me would you love to be my wife?" I had only one answer to say to him: Yes. 

The next trip he made we went to a wedding party at Saraburi province. That was a great time again. I went to Rayong province with him on Dec 29, 2001 and I booked a bungalow at Samet Island for 2 nights with him. And 3 nights in Rayong Province with my friend too. My friend takes care of us a lot. Together we go to have lunch near the sea. But it was so sad that he doesn't eat seafood. In Thailand most of the food is spicy. I must order omelet and vegetable soup for him. We go to Samet Island together but I do not like this Island as much as Chang Island and he thinks the same as me.

We meet one couple in Samet Island and they invite us to go diving. That was the first time I've been diving. After that great time we went back to Bangkok again. I had to work on Friday. After I returned that evening, I asked him to feed noodles to me. LOL. 
I sent him again to the Airport, but this time I'm not sad as much. 15 days with him went so fast. Im crying again and it lasts a long time. 

My feeling grows every time we are together. Now I love him more than everything in this world. I know Im not the most perfect girl in this world. But If I could only have him for one night, I will. I always ask him please not to leave me for another girl. I can't live without his love. 

This next trip I will give him a gift for his parents - just only to give them thanks that they have him for me. I will try to be good girl for him and just promise him that I will have only him until rest of my life. I hope he will keep his promise with me too.