It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     United Kingdom

Hi. This is my story of how finding love on the net really does work...

Iím a 30 year old mother of three. Who after 10 years of marriage find myself alone and going through a divorce.

  Iíve had the internet for about a year and had been using Icq to chat and make new friends; Iíd even met a man on there but it didnít work out, so I was a bit wary of meeting anyone else on the net.

I thought Iíd try the yahoo chat rooms for a change, I tried several, but every time I started talking to a man it turned out all they were interested in cyber sex...all I wanted was someone to talk to and share some interests!!!

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I thought Iíd give the 30ís singles room a go, after being in there about 20 minutes, I started chatting to this one man, He was the same age as me, similar interests, liked the same music, films ,books, etc..., He sounded really nice.






He told me his name was Wayne and that he lived with his parents, and that he was disabled, he has Spina Bifida. I told him that its whatís inside that counts more than what someone looks like, after a couple more hours of talking online, we thought it would be nice to actually hear each others voices so we spoke on the phone, He had the sort of voice that makes you go weak at the knees, quite deep and a very soothing tone, We chatted for a few more hours, and thought it would be nice to meet, only problem being he live 140 miles away, and I had only passed my driving test about a month before hand, but I didnít let that put me off.

We arranged to meet in Woolworth's on the Saturday. Saturday morning came and me and the kids drove up to meet Wayne, He was there outside the shop waiting, the kids spotted him before I did, He was different to what I expected, He had gray/blue eyes, dark hair and a full beard.

We spent the day keeping the kids occupied and chatting. I promised to phone him when we were ready to leave, I dropped him off at his mates house and gave him a quick kiss and left.

That evening I rang Wayne to tell him that Iíd got home safely and that I had enjoyed the day with him, We ended up talking for hours, and it went on all week, Heíd either phone me or vice versa. He invited me and the kids to stay for the weekend at his parents, so Friday afternoon came and we drove all the way up there again.

When we met this time, Wayne had shaved his beard down to a goatee, what a difference it made, He has got a lovely smile, and looked so much younger. I kissed him as soon as we got in the door, I knew I was falling in love with him, He was so caring, and thoughtful, and he was great with the kids.

We spent the weekend going round all his friends houses, so he could introduce me to everyone. By the time Sunday came I found I didnít want to leave him, so we arranged for him to come down to my house for a couple of weeks, I told him Iíd pick him up on Wednesday, but it meant driving 2 1/2 hours up and the same back between 9am and 3pm it was hard going but I was so excited it didnít seem to matter!

Wayne went back home after a couple of weeks, and we spent all our time on the phone to each other, we missed each other so much it felt more like months instead of just a week. I went back up to get him that following weekend and we decided to give it a go at living together.

I think Iíve found my soul mate in Wayne, he is so loving and affectionate, we have our problems the same as anyone else, but he is my best friend and lover rolled into one and we can get over any problems that may come along.

Now my divorce has been finalised, we have decided to get married in May, and hopefully have at least one more child, which will be the most loved child ever as Wayneís parents never expected to have grandchildren and they were happy enough to have my kids as grandkids!!!

I hope this will give inspiration to others and give them hope they need to find their soul mate. For anyone interested, our website is here.


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