Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     United Kingdom

This is my story of how finding love online is possible & not just something that happens to someone else…

I was feeling a little low, I sat back & watched as all my mates got into relationships & found love.

  I’m 30 & disabled with Spinal Bifida, I’m confined to a wheelchair. Although I go out a lot with my mates, I felt that everyone else (Especially women) looked at the chair & took no notice of the person inside.

Two years ago, one of my mates introduced me to the Internet, I didn’t know it then, but the net was going to change my life forever & for the better, too. I spent most of my spare time online & in the chat rooms, talking to all sorts of people from across the globe, I rarely told the people I spoke to about my wheelchair.






Who needed to know when we couldn’t actually see each other? The only times I did tell anyone was when they wanted to meet me. I met a few women, but nothing ever came of it. I was really beginning to think that there was no one out there for me. I had resigned myself to spending a lifetime without love…

One day in the middle of June 2000, I entered the "30’s singles" room. I answered to a woman who asked if there were any males in the U.K. We started chatting to each other & I found out that her name was Ruth, she had 3 kids & that she was going through a divorce. The more we chatted, the more we seemed to have in common. We both shared the same interests & liked the same things, films, books, music & animals… She even keeps rats, just like me. We chatted for hours for hours online.

I even found myself for the first time, telling her that I was disabled. Somehow, Ruth seemed different from everyone else, she seemed genuinely interested in me & she even began asking me all about my disability. It was getting late & we both said that we should go, when Ruth asked for my phone number. I never really expected to hear from here again, why would she be interested in me? We said goodnight & we would look out for each other again. I disconnected & was getting ready for bed when my phone rang. On the other end of the line was Ruth, I was shocked, but I found her so easy to talk to. She said she wanted to hear my voice & to actually say goodnight to me. We ended up chatting for quite a while. We even arranged to meet that Saturday. We lived 140 miles apart, I don’t have a car & she told me that she had passed her test the month before & she would drive up to meet me. I couldn’t help myself, I started to have feelings for her, I knew we could at least be friends, I never expected more.

The next few days seemed like weeks. We were chatting most of the day online & we were even phoning each other in the evenings. I knew that the more we were chatting, the stronger my feelings were getting for her. I kept trying to tell myself that I was just dreaming & that I would probably only end up getting hurt again.

Finally, Saturday came! I waited outside Woolworth’s for her and every second seemed to be a lifetime, even though I wasn’t waiting too long before a young blonde haired boy walked up to me & asked if I was Wayne. My heart started racing & I felt so nervous at the thought of finally meeting Ruth. I soon calmed down when we both started chatting, she was so quiet spoken, and she seemed so loving & caring. We all got on so well right from the start, the kids didn’t even take any notice of my wheelchair. We went around looking for things for the kids to do so we could get to know each other a little better. At the end of the day, Ruth drove me to my mate’s house, dropping me off outside where we kissed each other. It was just a quick goodbye kiss, but I knew from that moment on, that I was falling in love with her in a big way.

The only thing was... would I ever hear from her again? Before she drove her and the kids 140 miles back home, I asked her if she would phone me to let me know she got home safely. I wasn’t expecting to hear from her again, even though I prayed that I would.

Less than 2 ½ hours later, my mobile phone rang………it was Ruth to let me know that they had got home safely. We chatted for quite a while & we both said how much we had enjoyed each other’s company.

Over the next week, we were either online with each other, or we were talking on the phone. I plucked up the courage to invite her & the kids back up for the weekend to stay with my parents and me. I was so glad that she accepted. I couldn’t believe it.
Ruth & the kids came back up the next weekend & we got on so great, it was like we had known each other for a lifetime, I felt so comfortable having her around. Then the weekend was over all too quickly.

We cuddled and kissed, then, I knew she was the one for me…. I couldn’t believe it, but I found myself really falling in love with her.

I had NEVER felt this way before. The feeling was so strong, so good. Over the next few days, we were spending every possible moment online or on the phone, that was when we planned for me to go stay with her for a few days.

That Wednesday, Ruth came to pick me up. The kids were at school, so, I was packed, ready to just be picked up & drive with her back to her house. Those few days turned into two weeks.

At the end of those few short weeks, Ruth drove me back to my parents where I stayed for a week. We couldn’t say goodbye when she had to leave for home. During that week we spent more & more time online or on the phone telling each other how much we loved & missed each other. That week dragged on, I spent most of the time looking at photos of her & the kids & thinking of how much in love I was. I was hoping that she felt the same as I did.

The day finally came when Ruth picked me back up while the kids were at school. I couldn’t pack quick enough. Ruth called early that morning to let me know that she was on her way & would be with me in a few hours.

Ruth picked me up & told me that she hadn’t told the kids that I was coming back, she said she wanted to surprise them. I was so happy to see her that morning. She was glad to see me, too. I could tell that she loved me too just by the look in her eyes & the smile on her face was as big as mine. I had to just hug her so tight & tell her how much I loved her, she told me how much she loved me too. I have never heard any woman tell me that before & it felt so good. When the kids came home from school, they were so shocked & so pleased to see me, I have never been made to feel so wanted in my life as Ruth & the kids make me feel.

I have now moved in with Ruth & the kids & I have never been made to feel so loved & wanted. I feel like the only man on this earth to be in love. The kids have never looked at me as disabled, as David (9), Ruth’s son says, "He's just a man who happens to be in a chair!" Rachael (5), her youngest, loves it when we go out, she makes up any excuse she can think of to sit on my lap & be wheeled around, instead of walk anywhere. She thinks it’s great fun although she has never said anything about me being in the chair. Rebecca (12) now has someone else to help her with her homework.
We love each other so much & so deeply that we are making plans to get married in May 2001. This is all I've ever wanted out of life & so much more. It feels so good to be so deeply in love & to have so much love in return, I can't help but count the days until our wedding day.

We still do have the same problems as every other family does, but we can work them out because we are so close & have such a strong love for each other. It isn’t easy being in a ready-made family, but Ruth & the kids make it so worthwhile working hard to keep them.

I can’t even begin to tell anyone how good it feels to feel so much unconditional love for a family as I do for my new family & they do for me. (Ruth's version of the story is in Part Two)


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