It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Germany

A click of Temel's mouse started a unique and special friendship half way around the world.


It turned into the most romantic love relationship ever.

In September of 1999, Ann Lopez heard something about ICQ from her friend and so she downloaded it . Not long after she got ICQ , she got a message from a guy . He asked her if she was related to Jennifer Lopez, she played along with him and said "yes of course, she is my cousin". And this is how this amazing fairy tale started.

They both have a good sense of humor and they clicked :) right away. She asked who she was speaking to and he said " Temel from Berlin, Germany". 






From then on they chatted for hours and hours, e-mailed and talked on the phone to each other on a regular basis . They wrote romantic letters and send pictures. They seemed to like a lot of the same things and it was like they were meant to meet each other from the start. 

After a while Temel decided to visit his unique friend who was not a stranger to him anymore. But for some reason Temel couldn't go and both of them were very disappointed about it. But both of them knew that they had to meet after feeling such an intense closeness, which they had never felt before.

Temel invited Ann to come to Germany . She was absolutely surprised and immediately said yes . From a little town in Missouri, she flew around the world to meet this interesting guy, whom she had never met in real life. 

The last days seemed to be endless for both of them and they could hardly wait until they could see each other.

And then the big day came.

Temel got up early because he didn't wanted to get stuck in traffic and miss the landing of the plane, since Ann couldn't speak a word of German. He bought three roses, each one a different color.

- a white rose , means HONEST
- a yellow rose , means FRIENDS
- a red rose , means LOVE

Time would show which rose was the right one.

He get more and more excited because the plane landed but couldn't get to the gate. After 1 hour the first passenger left the plane and Temel was at the front to watch for Ann.

Time seemed to have stopped and it was like days for him. And then Ann came through the door of the plane. From this moment Temel knew that this would be a great time for both of them. 

She looked at him through the security glass in the airport and they both recognized each other right away . It was like they already knew each other well. They hit it off immediately , just like they did online 8 month ago.

Later, they told one another that they liked each other more than what they thought they would. 

The 17 days were wonderful for both of them. Ann thought it was really nice to have someone so sweet and nice looking to take care of her. She was used to taking care of herself because she wouldn't allow just anyone to take care of her. It was very nice for a change. Her sweet Turkish man was in Berlin all this time. Temel thought she is an attractive lady who has the biggest heart he ever saw. She is tender, lovely, and would do any crazy thing with you. She always has a happy smile on her face . He loves the sexy way she says or does something.

From the time he picked her up from the airport, it was truly a taste of Paradise for both of them. They would not have felt like this, had they not felt the same emotions coming from the bottom of their hearts. From the very beginning at the airport, their hearts were connected to each other. To a certain extent, they could feel a connection even before they met.

After they met , they both knew that it was going to be very hard to part. They were tender and romantic the whole time and it was pure ecstasy being in each other arms. They honestly had never felt this way before in all of their lives. The time spent in each others arms, kissing and massaging each other was so intense and wonderful!

They took themselves to a level that they had never been to before or even knew existed. They had never given so much of themselves to anyone and that sometimes surprised both of them. They love to hold hands and be together no matter where they are or what they are doing. Just touching and rubbing their hair was a big thing for both of them. Just so long as they are together...

From the beginning they said things that they have never said to anyone before. They feel like they can say anything, and the other one understands. On romantic nights with candlelight and wine they felt they were in an old Love Movie.

In the 17 Days they had a lot of fun. They went to interesting places in Berlin like "The Kudamm" or the great "Place of Sanssoucci". They went to the TV and Radio Tower of Berlin "Fernsehturm" and the Dom of Berlin and many, many other places.

The best was being together and enjoying themselves , no matter what they did.

After 3 days Temel brought her roses again.

This Time all roses were red ...

They didn't notice how quick time passed and the time to leave came :(. For anyone interested, their website is here.