Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Australia
He's From:     Australia

I had become one of the many addicted to my computer. Browsing, searching till early hours, briefly visiting chat rooms, poetry sites, downloading music, etc...


I had heard about people supposedly meeting the love of their life on the internet in chatrooms and so forth and thought how could they fall for each other really without never meeting at first so to speak. Lonliness however did draw me into these chatrooms. Well my opinion changed dramatically...

The last week in February 2002, I was in the ninesmn chatroom called Soulmates Paradise when someone with the nick called DiscoPrince entered the room. His real name is Kevin, I could tell he was new at this game and so I whispered for him to have a private conversation so I could help him with sending smileys etc..







Call it unbelievable, far fetched or whatever but I instantly knew this was a nice person and there was a special attraction that was so powerful and it was immediate, without even seeing what he looked like. Than whenever I saw his name appear online my heart literally did beat faster. We exchanged pics and I was blown away by how attractive he was. He was surely a Perfect Prince...

My Perfect Prince
You know how to make me smile
Make me feel like I'm the only
Thinking of you all the while
My pleasure matters to you most
Your soft sensual touch
Holding me closely whispering "I love you"
One million times would never be to much
Your caring forethought, what I think matters
I would be safe, you would never hurt me
You too have a lonely heart and void
Are you my soul mate, could you be
I thought a love so strong is this real
You are of the finest rarest kind
Qualities of a Perfect Prince
You are real... the only one on my mind

We began chatting regularly, sending emails, over thirty from him in one day I was so blessed to receive. We continued getting to know each other. We exchanged phone numbers and the day I heard his voice just rocked my world. So much so I was inspired to write a short line or two about it..

The Voice
I heard a voice, giggle giggle
That my heart instantly
Did skip from it's rhythm
That caused me to wriggle wriggle....
Which echoed through my mind
Deep and sexy like, excited
With playfulness like a child
Left me in a twisted bind....
A laugh like music to my ear
Immediately brings me to lasting smiles
Even when I reminisce few words spoken
A reassuring voice I needed to hear....

I have many problems from my past and in a abusive marriage, that I am making changes to leave. My Perfect Prince with the irresistible voice always supports me and is so patient and I will get even with him for all the love he has given me. One day he will be walking by my side. He is constantly on my mind and I am his also. We have given each other special gifts from the heart. I have a ring on my finger that I often twirl and I smile to myself as I think of him and reminisce this deep voice of a Perfect Prince. He has a token of my love also. I love you always....

We have become such a huge important part of each others lives that we can tell when things aren't right in our lives by the sound of his voice and I can even tell over the computer screen. Call it weird unimaginable but that's how it is. We can't go a day without some sort of communication from each other. And thanks to the Internet we can do this cheaply because we have had phone bills of $900 and $800 each in a month. We are going to be with each other.

Though we have to fight for it and make huge changes, he is even leaving the state he lives in which is Alice Springs Australia and I reside in Toowoomba Queensland Australia, so we have many miles between us for now. We will remain in each other's hearts and work towards our goals, because it will happen for us because he is what I have looked for all my life. One day soon he will be in my arms he will...


ONE person is in my heart
DAY in day out never to depart
YOU are my everything sunshine
WILL eternally be only mine
BE my breath of life
IN good times even in strife
MY soul by your side always to stay
ARMS that could embrace you every day
YOU can spot the hidden thought of mind
WILL you see if you can find

In April we will meet each other in person, lock eyes, hold hands and give the biggest bear hugs for the very first time and I don't think either of us will ever let go...