It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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Hello everyone sweet guy is back with a bit more sweetness :o)

OK - Ever love a woman so much there isn't one thing that you wouldn't do to share and show her that love?


Ever try to sit and in words without touching her face show her how much you love her? Well, I sat there plenty of nights thinking and trying to figure out how to pour the love I have out and show her make her see it let her feel the love I have for her. I will swim across the roughest seas, climb the highest mountains, fly in a plane that has a 1 in a million chance in making it to its destination. Like I said there isn't one thing in this world I wouldn't do to show her the "LOVE" I have for her.

Like all relationships we all have our ups and downs. Not to long ago when she walked away from me did I realize the difference between Soul mate and lovers. This is my definition.





  Love: to be with someone and want to be lovers but never to sure of what the future holds. Soul mates: To be in total love never to stray for any reason, always planning ahead and "KNOWING" that you will live life together for the rest of your lives. Love is when you say I love you and it just comes out. People say its hard to say I love you but in all actuality its very simple to say those three words. Now when you say I love you but now your reaching deep within your soul feeling yourself quiver as you say I love you, that's when you know you have something far more serious then just your basic love.

We have discussed moments of when one of us passes away when we are old and gray. The agreement is as follows: say I pass away first I will be cremated and set aside till she passes, then we will be both placed into an earn to continue our bond and the love we once swore on our wedding day to never let it die. We will both be placed into a casket and buried now its depressing to think about that but when you are planning the life you both want to share with each other for the rest of our lives we needed to think about when one passes away.

I have sat up many nights writing poetry to her when she was sleeping I have some that I will present to everyone but please do me this favor don't copy the work that IM about to place only because its disrespectful to copy one mans meaning of love and use it for yourself. Well, here it goes: 

Seasons of Love

Sweet sounds and smells of the leaves that fall
Make's me think about our dreams and all

I love the winter because its so warm and true
I cant wait till I spend it with our children and you

Spring time is so dreary and wet
But it gives us plenty of time to talk about the time we first met

In the spring time we plant flowers and trees together
And when they begin to grow we can watch grow forever

Summertime is so warm and hot
But just think we can go visit all the wet and cool spots

Fall turns all the leaves orange and brown
But just remember when feeling down just think about us and it will
turn your frown upside down.

Now we are back to the seasons and the way they change
But I promise you the way we are now will never change all the happiness
will always stay the same


She Glows like an angel up in the cool summer sky.
She makes all the feelings true enough to make a grown man like myself cry.

She is everything a man could ever dream about
She is the one female I know I cant live without.

She makes all my sad days into happy and complete days
She has the wonderful personality to make me feel great in many ways

She tells me she loves me and I know its true
She shares her loving thoughts that turn all my gray skies blue

She is my heart my soul and my inspiration
She worth more to me then I could ever mention

She completes me in every way
She also knows that this guy here will love her forever and a day

She holds tightly but not squeezing my heart
She Knows I will forever be by her side as I have told her from the very start

She the one that I have shared all my hopes and dreams
She knows I will do my best to fill all her dreams

She is the one and only one for me
She sees the future with us together and in that future we both shall see

All about her

All I can think about is our first long passionate intimate kiss
I can't help but notice all of our happiness and bliss

You bring out a feeling I cant even explain
I cant help but smile when I think about your name

I sense the thoughts and feelings you share with me
I know everything is perfect for us and it will always be meant to be

Ever have the feeling when you want to hold the one you love so much?
But the sucky thing about it all is she is still out of touch.

Well, I have the solution and that's to hold her so close and squeeze the
love out of her when we first touch
Reason being its because I love her so much

I can still remember when she was just lust and a crush
But now its 8 months later and the love has grown oh so very much

Words sometimes explains my feelings for her
Now these days I see myself inside of her

Kristin I will ask you to be my wife someday
And the best part is I know what you will say

True Love comes but once in a lifetime
And I know deep down within my heart and soul you will always and forever be
my one of a kind

You see everyone there are some sweet guys left out there I am one and always will be, but that doesn't mean that there are no others left. I never searched for the love I am receiving from her, never rushed anything I just let life and love do its thing. You have your entire life still up ahead don't walk with your head down its not good for your heart :o) I will always be thankful for the angel that God has given me and I will never do a thing to hurt her. Love is a great thing when you feel it being sent back to you. I love you sweetie I Love You.

Well all I'm going to say is I wish I met her when I was five I would have swept her right off of her big wheel.

"Sweet Guy"

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