It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     Australia

I am a normal kinda girl hovering just under the age of 20 at uni.

When I started uni, life was "strained". I am in a relationship with my boyfriend as well as seeing a man online. Its a complex situation and getting progressively worse.

  I met the man I am seeing online in September of last year. I was feeling very depressed and I turned to the net as so many other people do as a source of comfort. Than man I met is hovering just over 40. He is wonderful and we met in yahoo chat in the 40's room believe it or not. 

Yeah I know its a bit mad. When I met him his ID led me to believe that he lived in the same town as me. Wrong again he lived about 12,000 miles away from me. I was shocked, but you know I didn't start out wanting to get involved in a relationship. I was looking for a mate.






We got on like a house on fire and started emailing each other ever day. I would go into university each day early to check mail. You all know what is like when you see the name, your heart skips a beat. Talking to this man made me feel happier. He was supportive and a great friend. We started talking about our situations at home with our partners. He told me about his wife and I told him about my boyfriend. We seemed to have so much in common and we talked about how we felt. He later left his wife.

Well I don't need to tell you the rest of the story, you can guess it for yourself - things developed and the feelings started to flow I remember the first time I phoned him. It was early in the morning about 7.00am or something like that. I heard his voice and we just clicked. For one thing it was nice to put a voice to the emails and I had a picture of him. It was like a jigsaw puzzle finally coming together. We chat most days for up to 6 hours and a few weeks ago we decided to meet. I am flying out to visit him soon which is going to be a big step. It feels right though, like its perfectly natural. That is how I feel when I am with him, natural, like we have known each other for years.

It is absolutely fantastic and I am happier than I know. We talk to each other on chat and via email every day as well as phone calls when the time difference allows. I am very nervous about meeting him but I know that we will get on like a house on fire. I love him as much as you can love someone on the net and when the time comes to meet I am sure that my feelings will only be reinforced. I feel lucky to have met him online and to quote a fab lady if you are reading this darling "You have a way with me."


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