Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

About May, 2001, I was browsing the personal ads on I was trying to get into a college in NY at the time, so I looked up guys in NYC.


I found one... a cute one to be exact. I was doing it just for fun, so I bookmarked his ad. I told my friend about the "cute guy in the ad"... she laughed at me. After that, I really thought nothing of it.
Then, on July 21st, I was going through all my bookmarked places... I was getting sooo sick of AOL, I was almost ready to cancel it. But before I did, I wanted to see all the crazy stuff I had saved. Then I saw it: his ad. What the heck? Why not e-mail the guy just for fun. If he doesn't e-mail me back, whatever. No biggie. It's not like I know him anyway. I e-mailed "Niman6969" and told him all about myself. For some reason, I woke up early the next morning before work. Then I remembered: check e-mail! And... he wrote me!! He said that it was a very well written e-mail.. and that he'd like to see a picture. So I e-mailed him one. 






After that, we started talking... he thought I was cute, and I thought he was cute. He seemed kinda weird at first though. He was on this "I hate all girls" kick. His mind has really been messed up by past relationships.

About a week or so later after talking to him online, he started bugging me to call him.. so one day, I did. It was awkward at first... not much was said. During our second conversation, though, the flirting started coming out. It was nice... but we both wondered where it was going.

We e-mailed, we called.... so now we had to write and send pictures. Which we did. And we kept doing so. After about a month or so, it became an everyday thing. He started to become part of my daily routine, which I started to think might be a little unhealthy. But we were serious... so serious, I was planning a trip to see him.

Nigel went back to school around the beginning of September. It was hard, because we couldn't talk as much. He doesn't go to school in the City.. his college is in Long Island. And I was extremely grateful for that.. after Sept. 11th... I called him that morning.. and we sat and watched the news "together"... horrible tragedy.. I was so scared for him.. I wanted to be with him so badly then. So I bought a plane ticket to see him in November. Mom and dad thought I was crazy after the 11th and all.

I went to NYC for the first time in my life, and LOVED it. And I loved him. I KNEW he was the one for me. He was perfect in my eyes. It felt like I had known him forever. He was my best friend.. my soul mate.

Things got deeper, everyone wanted to know about him... and meet him. So he came to Indiana (my hometown) around New year's... EVERYONE loved him. Everything seemed so perfect.

Finally... the time came. Where was the relationship going? Long distance relationships can only last so long... It's hard being away like that. We both wanted to be together.. he knew I was trying to get into college there in New York. So eventually, if I got accepted, then I would move. Sooo... we discussed.. marriage. Going away to college is much different than moving. So we seriously discussed it. We WERE going to get married.. we wanted to. So I sat down with my parents and told them that this was the man I wanted.. and I wanted to get married before college... in my hometown.

We talked about it, and KNEW people would think we were crazy. Nigel came again in March. He proposed... and then the wedding plans started.

It was a beautiful day, June 15, 2002 in Indiana at the park. My dress was beautiful.. my friend had did my hair. I felt like a princess... and my prince was waiting for me ahead. I saw his family... travelling all the way from NYC to see this beautiful moment. I saw my family.. tears in their eyes, knowing that lil' Sarah was getting married and moving to the City that she's always dreamed about.

Today, July 5, 2002, we've been married almost three weeks. And what a beautiful three weeks it's been!! I love NYC, I love my man, and even though we're young and we know we have a lot ahead of us, we're loving the married life and FINALLY living with our best friend: each other.

*Not long after we were talking, Nigel told me that he almost deleted my e-mail... but something told him to open it. Fate? ... could be. :)