It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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I don't normally visit sites like this because I find them somewhat depressing (sometimes).


For some reason, I managed to get to your page from Yahoo. I guess I was drawn by the fact that it was a new page. I've surfed most of the other pages in the category. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to Tina. Thank you for putting up your story. It touched me very deeply, especially the part where you described talking to him on the phone. I feel exactly the same way when I talk to my boyfriend on the phone and reading that part of your story brought tears to my eyes (ugh, what a cliche). I'm just glad that there are positive pages like yours out there, because everyone else seems to think that online love is 'not real' or that people are constantly pretending to be who they aren't.  






Then there are the alleged 'professionals' who say that you can't really fall in love online, and that you're only in love with who you THINK the person is. As a result, I can't tell anyone about the relationship I'm having, because I don't think anyone will be supportive. And I'm not talking about people in real life. Even some of my online friends think long-distance relationships are silly things.

In any case, I often feel really lost and in need of someone to tell me that I'm not just wasting my time or role-playing my dream because I'm a social misfit or something. Just knowing that someone else's relationship has worked out does that for me. It's like something's telling me that it could work and that as long as there is some chance, I shouldn't let it go on the premise that "maybe it wouldn't work". So thanks again.