Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

I once heard that from the day that you are born, you and your soulmates names are written together in heaven.

Not too long ago......I met my soulmate.


I believe that it was fate, and have no doubt in my mind that he is "The One". While bored I decided to surf the net. Being that I was suddenly a single, I decided to post my profile on a dating site. I was not expecting to go into this and actually fall in love with someone that I had met online. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I only did it because I was bored and wanted to have a few laughs. After my second day online......I had hundreds of messages sent to my online mailbox. I read through most of them and had a few good laughs. (Especially at all the marriage proposals.) But never replied to any. I thought it was to weird.

After searching and looking through the male profiles......I came across one that really caught my attention.






Not only was this the best looking guy I had ever seen, he seemed like he had a wonderful personality. He sounded like just the person that I was looking to get to know better. I sat and analyzed the pro's and con's of actually sending him a message. Something told me to "just do it." It was a feeling like I had never felt before. Besides I had nothing to lose. If he didn't reply back......oh well.

That night, April 25th, 2002, I finally got the nerve up to send him a message. The next night I logged on and found that he had replied to my message...which really surprised me. Later that night, we ended up chatting on the website and sending each other emails. Every night since then we have talked for at least 5 hours a night......sometimes more.

Over the past months we have shared every detail of our lives with each other. I feel like he knows me and I really know him. There isn't one person that knows me more than he does. There's not one person that I would rather talk to, more then I enjoy talking to him. I feel so lucky to have found him when I did. I knew he was out there all along, I just knew that I had to find him. And now that I have, I don't know how I have survived without him. It was purely fate that led me to that website that one night in April. It was just luck that I came across his profile and had that gut feeling to just "do it." He is my life, my love, my best friend, and my soulmate sent from heaven. I love him dearly with all my heart and soul.

I thought that I had been in love before.....I had dated a guy for three years. We were engaged, and living together. But I never knew if he was the one. I always had doubts. After it ended I knew that I was better off. I wasn't searching for anyone when I found Jason. It happened purely accidental, but I am so glad it did. He gives me hope, trust, honesty, but most of all he gives me love. I am completely happy with him. When I'm not talking to him I want to be. I go through my day...doing my normal daily habits like I do everyday.....but the seconds turn into minutes that turn into hours----that I spend thinking about him. I can't wait to get home everyday to talk to him online or by phone.

Some people don't believe in falling in love with someone that you have never met. But I am one to say that all things are just have to believe. No we have never met physically, but we know each other on a personal level. We know and love each other for what is on the inside. We share similar personalities...and love talking to one another about everything and anything. I can tell him anything and not be scared to. I have told him more about me in the past month, then I have ever told anyone in my entire life.

I never thought in a million years that I would fall hopelessly in love with someone that I had met online. But now that I have I think it is the most wonderful thing in the world. I know that he is "The One"......I feel it throughout my whole body, heart and soul. I miss him every minute of the day. He fills my days with happiness beyond anything I have ever known. I thought I could only hope and dream that one day a man like this would come along. But my dreams have come, Jason, if your reading this I LOVE YOU!!!