Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

If someone were to ask me when did you meet Dean, I couldn't tell them the exact day I "met" him.

  I think it might have been in a dream somewhere, or perhaps in another life if you believe in that kind of thing. It seems somehow that he has always been part of my life, deep with in my soul, I just wasn't aware of it. I do however remember when I saw someone with the nickname PonyMan on IRC. It was early spring of 1998, I had been chatting on IRC awhile, but had only been in the chat channel that I called home a few months. The best I remember the channel was quiet that day, with myself and only a few other people there. I'm not sure who talked to who first, but we said all the usual things, hi, how are you, where do you live, we exchanged pictures and soon we were in private chat. I still can't believe that we had so many things in common, both of us are huge country music fans, and we found out we were both delivery drivers. It's funny how something so simple can connect two people.






The last thing I needed was another relationship, but I guess that is where fate takes over and common sense goes out the window. I soon realized it was to late, that my feelings for Dean had grown as had his for me, Soon we were not only chatting everyday, but emailing. We were growing closer and closer with each conversation. In July Dean and I talked on the phone for the first time, we had heard each others voices in sound waves, but now he was "real". It didn't take many phone calls for us to say the words that came so easy for both of us, I LOVE YOU! Those three little words changed both of our lives.

There were some hard times for us. I knew I loved him, yet I couldn't help but question, Is this real. I went off line awhile to search my heart. While I was off line I kept reading an email from Dean over and over. It simply said If it is me things will work themselves out for that, if it is me then the world will be a better place for two of it's occupants, If it is me then way down deep inside, you'll know it. Every chance we take in life has it's share of risk, If it is me then together we can share the risk. Things were bad at home and at one point I lost my phone, so I couldn't chat on line, I bought phone cards. Another time, my monitor had to be replaced, I went to the local cyber cafe and rented computer time. I was determined that I would not lose contact with this man, I loved him, and wanted to be with him no matter what the cost, I was determined to meet him. I knew I would take the risk.

I got back on line, told him I loved him, and have never regretted saying it. I felt that love deep in my heart, where he had told me I would find my answer all along . I told him I'm coming to Utah! We talked about meeting in November since that is when his birthday is, but this was only August, and the thought of waiting that long was more than I could bear. We decided on October. I contacted a travel agent, and started pricing a round trip ticket. In September I booked the ticket for the weekend of October 9. The 10th is my birthday and I couldn't think of a more wonderful way to celebrate it than with the man I loved. People in my "real" life told me I was nuts. I heard all the usual things, He will murder you, how do you know he isn't a physco, you don't know this man, etc. etc. etc. But I did know this man, and flying 2,300 miles to him didn't scare me in the least, I couldn't wait. Dean and I made plans for hours on end, talking about all the places he wanted to show me, things we wanted to do. As tim

I was so excited when I got on that plane in Norfolk, and headed to Atlanta. I had to change planes there, and was afraid I would miss my connection, but things worked out fine. I even had enough time to page Dean with a code we had decided on to let him know I was on the way. As the plane landed that night in Salt Lake City, I held my breath, I was finally there, I was about to meet the man I loved. There he is I thought to myself as I walked down the exit way. Dean was standing there with a big grin on his face and a dozen long stem red roses in his hand. We kissed, and both said almost at the same time I love you! He took my hand and our new life together began. As we left the airport that night we talked non stop, neither of us believing how natural it was to be together, we were so at ease, almost like we had known each other forever, yet how could this be? Hmmm did we really know each other in another time? *grin*

It was so wonderful to wake up the next morning in his arms. We left the motel and went to the car. Dean took me all the places we had talked about. It was beautiful there, the sky is so blue, and the mountains are breath taking. We drove for hours just talking and talking, never running out of things to say. I couldn't believe the love I felt from this man, it is like nothing I had ever felt before. As a birthday surprise Dean took me to the comedy playhouse where we saw Dracula, We laughed and had a wonderful time. I can't remember a better birthday. Once again we spent the night in each others arms. The next day we decided to drive to Nevada to gamble. Like all other dreamers we thought we might hit the jackpot, but all we left there with was the love we felt for each other. To both of us that is the greatest treasure there is.

We were to have dinner with Dean's mom that night, I have to admit I was nervous. I wasn't sure what she would think of me, or our relationship, after all we had met on a computer. My fears were soon put to rest. She turned out to be a great lady, and made me feel right at home. We had dinner and a cake. Dean had another surprise for me. He wrote a poem for me. It is called Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. He had wrote it several weeks before I got there in anticipation of our time together. It amazed me how he was able to describe just how we both felt. My eyes filled with tears as I read it, its the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I don't know if anyone will ever put music to it and turn it into song, but that doesn't really matter, my heart sings every time I read it. I can't believe God has send such a wonderful man to me.

All to soon it was time to go back to the motel. It was bittersweet knowing we would once again share our love for each other, yet knowing that when we woke up I would have to leave. I was already crying. Morning came to soon and before I knew it we were at the airport. We couldn't let go of each other, I kept saying I didn't want to go, Dean kept saying don't, but we both knew that I couldn't stay, at lest not yet. When they started boarding the plane both of us started crying, I had to get on, I gave him one last kiss and all but ran to my seat, I couldn't hold back the tears, I was leaving my heart behind, and it was tearing me apart. I tried to sleep but all I could do was long for the man I love.

The flight home was a good one, and as soon as I got back to Norfolk I paged Dean to let him know I was there. I drove home and unpacked, I felt so lost. That night I called Dean, he told me he had cried all the way to work. I just blubbered, crying more than talking, telling him how much I love him and how I should have never got on that plane, we were both already kicking ourselves. Once again we were over 2,000 miles apart, and back to typing on the computer..It's killing us both, but we know we will be ok, we are already making plans to be together, Dean is going to move to Virginia. I can't wait for that day, For now we dream of that day, and hold on to what we know will happen.


On December 5,1998 I once again flew back to Salt Lake City. Dean was packed and ready. I had rented a townhouse a few days before in Virginia Beach, and on December 6, 1998 Dean and I started our drive back "home". We had a wonderful drive across country, and now share our lives together here in Virginia. Don't ever let anyone tell you that IRC love isn't "real" because WildAngel and PonyMan are proof that it is indeed very real.

New Update!!

On December 2, 2000 Dean and I were married. It was a beautiful day making all our dreams come true.