It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Australia
He's From:     United States

We met on the net on April 16th 1999 and were best friends until about late Feb, early March 2000 when it all changed.

It became so intense for me that I felt we had to meet or I would go crazy.

  So I invited myself over for Easter. Huge hugs and kisses on first meeting and much much more. He asks me now that I am home, have I ever felt this way before as it seems so special, and truly I haven't. We never stopped talking, touching, smiling and acting like children...water fights, sharing baths and just loving each other to death.

Thanks for listening, feel like shouting it from the roof tops. he is now in Seattle and I am home in Adelaide.

Here is an extract from my diary of our travels together:

------------ DIARY ENTRY STARTS -------------






Thursday, April 20, am on my way. Awake since 11.30 pm unable to sleep, had heaps to keep me busy anyway. Re-packed.. would have loved my suitcase.. R says no room.

Tried to watch movie and couldnít concentrate", "An American Quilt".

Three cups of tea and three smokes.

Spoke to R before he left for his midterm exam and then when he came home afterwards. "What are you wearing" I asked, he is always asking me. "Boxers and white sox, I am taking them off".

"DONT YOU DARE" said modest little me, he continued saying am putting on blue jeans and white T shirt. So got that wrong I guess.

Spoke about what I would be wearing when we finally make eye contact.....autumn colours of ochre and green, new lacey top underneath with (matching knickers. .kept that to myself, he would find out much later).

So he is packing camping gear into his car and soon off to San Diego. me to Adelaide domestic. Its freezing cold, both inside and out of the airport, taxi so early picking me up that the place had to open up for me. Bought a soft toy, a Koala holing the Aussie flag, a bookmark with Aussie slang words for him to practice and a goodbye card: The Simpson desert, that will be a hard one to write.

6.30am and have been delayed on the ground for 1/2 hour, have been sleeping (2pm Ca). Slept through take off then woke in time to say goodbye to the moon and see Adelaide disappear and suddenly tears, WHY?

Stunning morning, heading south, not far enough to see the Onkaparinga, turned over the oil refinery, towards the sun. Blue blue sky, pink horizon and billowing white clouds. Then the sun arrived and warmed my skin and I gave thanks for this day and for, for being alive and for Reggie.

On to breakfast, yummy!

Melbourne, 8.30am. Shopping for a walkman, batteries and film. Only an hour before boarding and at the window watching them load a United Airline plane. On board Adel/Melb flight, when I woke up enough to make conversation with my neighbour, discovered he was from Seattle, lovely accent, just like R.

Tried to phone Liz from Melb, but those damn phones, eventually bought a phone card and made contact, big mix up with the taxi, haled the wrong one and now have upset the Yellow Cab people. Will pick me up from the airport next week.. isnít she nice.

10.20am and on board the Qantas 747, up front where I like it close to the Emergency Exit so can stretch out and sleep. Had lovely talk with couple from Melbourne. They are off to LA San Francisco, and Las Vegas

12.30pm (8pm LA), So watch a movie and lights out, slept about an hour already. We were delayed again in Melbourne but on the runway this time, only woke when we took off. have seen "Happy Texas" for 5 minutes and "Cider House Rules", about an hours worth and now "Stuart Little". Sleeping off and on.

6.10am, so guess have been going 12 hours or so, seems a lot longer (1.40am in LA)

so 6 hours to go.

Have lost the immigration cards we all filled out.. want to sleep some more and stop crying. Seems the closer I get to him, the closer I get to leaving again.

Ängelaís Ashes" Irish story, so sad. the Eurythmics sang the theme song, must try to find the book and read it.

9.30am three hours to go. 10.40am, now and I think we land at 7.30am in LAX so must have made up some time or something. have eaten everything put down in front of me, and so much water. Taken walks to chat with the other sleepless ones and to stretch the bones.

A nice thought that I will have 6 hours to myself before R arrives, or will I? He always surprises me....lots of secrets.

1.15pm Have had a nice swim with the sun on my back, laundry in behind me and am listening for the dryer to stop. Chatted with guy from Montana, over for a conference. he is interested in my Internet pal and quite used to it happening all over the world. A friend had lost her husband a couple of years ago and decided that it was the safest way to meet somebody, so he wished me well.

Am back in our room now and getting NERVOUS for the first time, so long hot bath and then a shower, lots of moisturiser to wake up my skin. Lunch a disappointment, no chicken in a chicken dish? None that I could identify anyway, major butterflies happening. Room clock says 2 o clock but R just called on the outskirts of San Diego and its only 1pm. So have been early all along.

Its amazing, not nervous now, although heart racing. Said to look out for Mickey Mouse, what ever that means, maybe he is picking him up along the way, bringing him with?

Good Friday, left 3 hours late at 8am, cool and overcast outside.

Saturday 22nd and have just eaten lunch at town called Beaty, small mining village. Hotel Motel Casino for photo stop and loo as well. Bought new hand-pump for the air mattresses at the Auto Mart, but hardware stores all closed for the weekend so cannot locate new mattresses.

Turkey sandwiches and a gorgeous coconut health drink. We have so may leftovers from Dinner last night. My spinach Salad, a blueberry muffin, cream cheese and slice of date loaf from the breakfast that nearly didnít come. Only managed the yoghurt and strawberries. R shared mine before devouring two enormous pancakes, butter and syrup. Showers at Furnace Creek resort. watched sunset over Zabriskiís Point yesterday .

Its Good Friday and we have arrived, registered with the ranger at Stove Point Wells, picked our camp site overlooking the valley with the RV park below then Furnace Creek with its enormous grove of Date Palms. Can watch the sun go down form the door of the tent. A dome tent, goes up so quickly and easily, unpacked gear and Reggie busting his foofer trying to blow up air mattresses. Called on a fellow campee and he is kind enough to offer his pump, connect to battery and its useless. Again the big blow. Its so hot and they are so soft and sticking together so will wait for someone else to help out with air. Big thunderstorm over LA, maybe will reach us tonight. No just a dust storm to make me feel at home and a young French couple trying to erect their tent in all sorts of trouble so we help out. 

The ground too hard and their hearts not set on staying so they have left. Back to Furnace Creek as have built up a giant thirst for a beer. Out on the verandah for a smoke and a young boy all the way from Holland stumbles out of a car....major nose bleed, so hot and frightened. Made him sit and wet some tissues for his face and neck. sips of water and then his sister arrives and pours water down his back. Now he is smiling and here come mum and Dad. Only arrived yesterday and are off to Los Vegas, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, LA and home.

Dinner at the restaurant, Reggie so charming, we order clam chowder, me a bowl and he a cup. Cant eat any more of course so watch him consume the main course on his own. Take mine back in a doggy bag. Back to campsite to star gaze.

Saturday, buy shower passes , would have loved a swim but he doesnít want too. Cold water but wonderful to be clean again. Sharing his shorts, T shirts etc, perfect fit. Breakfast at same place, arenít we the lazy ones, Jill our waitress is having a bad day, computers down, people everywhere doing nothing, so different to the service last night. We start to make a joke of it all, over an hours wait but not a problem and the giggles started. Asked French couple next to us if I could pinch some bacon and they enjoy the joke too. By the time we leave Jill is just another mate, so we shop for ice and water. Me shopping for gorgeous top, soft toy to sit on the PC at home, smelly things (air fresheners) and a necklace of turquoise and silver, itís an Indian arrow head.

Off to town of Beaty, outside of the valley, up into the mountains, wild flowers and Harley Davidson riders everywhere. Small dusty town, yards of rocks, not what you would call gardens at all. Loo stop at Hotel/Casino and a kind man took our picture.

Wonderful guys at the Automart, no mattresses but a foot pump. Send us to the Hardware Store but both closed, so will have to make do with what we have and hopefully they will stay up all night. Those rocks do bad tings to my back. R seems to be able to sleep anywhere. Turkey sandwiches on the lawn and then home to our little slice of heaven ....the pub at Furnace Creek, so cool inside and the beer icy cold. Watched Seattle v Utah and then R decided that he would cook me dinner. Have late night spinach salad with Feta and tomatoes with a dressing to die for.

God he must eat out a lot, has all these tiny packages from the takeaways, condiments and spices etc. Must admit saves carrying large containers from home.

He fussed over that steak and made a gravy of all the juices. We open bottle of San Giovaise , Bernieís gift from Coriole. Ate pistachios and Kalamata olives. Everything always tastes better outdoors.

Before dinner had decided on a short stroll, for photos etc, he got in the mood for something more serious and came back up the hill with water bottle etc and dragged me up a bloody great mountain, or so it seemed. So hot, so steep, so times sheer drops on both sides of the path so had to put my blinkers on and concentrate on his bum to keep my balance.

Made it and the view and his company made it all worth while. Ran out of film, carried that great heavy camera for one picture only, so borrowed his - a throwaway paper thing. Down again slipping and sliding, Oh on top was a small church like building, badly vandalised though...the broken windows made great picture frames. Hope they turn out OK

Reggie slipped a couple of times, not me surprisingly.

So hot so sat for a long while in the shade of his car. Listen to his tape and I introduced him to Andea Bocelli, last I ever saw of that...he played it over and over and over. people moving in next door, lots of kids big and small so will have interesting time in the morning with Easter bunny etc.

We make friends and promise to catch up later for a talk etc.

Watched the sun go down and off to bed.

9am Easter Sunday, Sue had given me a chocolate Bilby and written a note for R. Heís a little squashed, melted but he can still make it out and smiles. Have a feeling he doesnít like chocolate as I am the only one eating Red Tulip solid eggs, so give most away to next door, for the hunt when they wake up.

Reggie makes us English Breakfast tea for me on is little Butane burner. Found Camping plates and stuff second hand.. although brand new, belonged to a girl guide and inside one of the bowls was a compass, something he hadnít had for a while and treasures now.

Hit the showers and off the Bad Water with a top on the way for a stroll into Golden Canyon. Seems to think it leads to the Zabriskiís Point he so badly wants to see, but we don't make it that far. Climb giant boulders, collect souvenirs and off down the road again.

Bad water fascinating as the lowest point in the whole valley. 293 feet or something below sea level. As the volcano created this valley, the floor sunk and the sea dried up. The water their now saltier than the sea. but still there is life. Our feet become encrusted with salt and enjoy looking at the patterns in the sand and the crystals inthe tiny pools of water as it is sucked out of the earth.

More photos and lots of water to recover.

Back to camp and its practically empty so empty tent, pull the pegs out and pick the whole thing up to carry to a cool spot under a couple of trees. So easy and we have a proper BBQ fire now so we scavenge for left over firewood from abandoned sites, ready for ME to cook for a change.

Find a Rock Cornish Game Hen, only big enough for two, potatoes and will see Jill again for some more salad, butter and stuff. Lots of fresh fruit for afters as well and a bottle of Napa Valley Chardonnay.

So hot so back to the pub - meet a couple from Sydney, recognised the accent. Reggie loves listening to all of that and can't believe that I picked up on it so easy. This couple on a huge adventure and are leaving for Los Vegas real soon. Off to Africa etc and back home for September. Then another couple joined us, having just arrived from Los Vegas so we had a friendly chat with everyone including the bar keeper. So much fun, so relaxed and how life is supposed to be.

Back to camp and what to do......lets just veg out in the shade so Reggie finally got around to giving me a massage, ice to cool me, didn't work but something did as managed to nod off for about 15 minutes or so.

His turn, haven't got a clue, ice for him also and a giant piece to melt down his bum. Lasted forever apparently but wouldn't move it. Used heaps of that cheap but wonderful Franklins moisturiser and tried to do it right. he was so quiet thought he had gone to sleep but guess the ice put a stop to that.

Its 5.14am - Up all night again. This will have to stop or Bob will have my britches for garters tomorrow. Work, ugh! Somebody save me!!!!

------------------ DIARY ENTRY ENDS ------------------

Hope you enjoy this - keeping the best of it just for me and him.....more to come


>> Continued in Part Two