Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Well this weekend when Dan was to visit his car broke down, and not wishing to wait another week or so to be able to see him, I asked if I could go to San Diego again so we could still be together.

  He agreed, so I rented a car and headed off to San Diego. Now it had been a couple of months since we had seen each other. The minute I walked into his living room and set down my bags, we started kissing so passionately, it was like we had never left each others arms. The pure hot erotic passion that was there before was even stronger now.

We stood there kissing each other, then would pause for a moment to look into each others eyes, and then would resume kissing with ever increasing lust and desire. I was so happy to look deeply into his eyes and see that he was as intensely turned on as I was.






Oh this was going to be GREAT trip! And that it was...we couldn't seem to keep our hands off of each other... we would be sitting there talking, each with our hands gently touching and caressing each other. I couldn't believe it could still be so wonderfully intense! Once again he made me orgasm before I was even undressed. And that was just the beginning of what became one of the greatest night's of sex of my life.

He brought to me pleasure and passion, time and time again...anywhere and everywhere that he touched me became in instant erogenous zone, I longed to have him touch me. What was so good was that we were so comfortable with each other! We finally went to the bedroom, put on some music, and proceeded to have a terrific time. Everything felt perfect. The music, our bodies, all that we experienced, was nothing but the very best. I came so many times, in so many ways, I didn't want to stop for anything!

We finally decided to take a break and go get something to eat, (besides each other, lol), and to go play pool for a while. First we decided to take a shower, since we had been sweating so much. But wouldn't you know it, the shower just led us to even more sex. It seemed that whatever we did, it just led to SEX! Finally we finished in the shower and got out and got dressed. We went to a local bar that we had been to on my first visit down there, and we proceeded to play pool. Well we had so much fun, just with everything we did, it was a most enjoyable time. After we got done playing we went and got some dinner and took it back to his house to eat. I couldn't wait to get back there to the "fun" that I knew was still going to take place.

After we finished eating we decided to play Acrophobia on the computer, since that is where we first met anyhow... well while we were playing Dan decided to tease me a bit, and started to caress me. Well it felt SOOOOO incredible, that I stopped typing in the game. He stopped and looked up at me and said, "Hey you are supposed to be typing and playing the game". I replied, "Hell I can't even see the screen, there's No Way I am playing the game". We both laughed... So I said, " You think this is so easy, you give it a try"... and I proceeded to do the same for him. Well within a few minutes, he too was unable to Acro any longer, at which point I said, "Screw the Game, let's go back into the bedroom!". And that is just what we did.

For the rest of that night and into the next morning, we continued to have the MOST AWESOME SEX, I think I have ever experienced. I hated to have to leave to go home, and all the way home all I could think of was what a wonderful time I had enjoyed with him. What is also unique about our time together and apart, is that we have such a very strong sexual closeness, yet it is with "no strings attached". He is free to see anyone he pleases, as am I, which is good considering the distance between us. Yet I know that whenever I do get to meet up with him again, that the same sexual intensity will still be there. I even kidded with him about the fact that I wish we could arrange to meet even just once a month for sex, because I know that every time with him, will be a truly AWESOME time. And I am counting the days until we can "DO IT AGAIN!". And I know he is too.

When I came home I was still in such a state of awe, that I sat down and wrote this little erotic poem to him:

Oh how I want to please you, and have you feel my touch,
To feel the passion in me, Really means so very much...
I long to gaze into your eyes, to see the fire there,
And know what I am feeling, is something that we share...


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