Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   India
He's From:     India

It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again.

  Something like this happened with know how the proverbial , magestical, fairytale like words go....'and there will be a knight in his shining armour...he'll come and sweep you right off your feet...", lucky me , my knight is here and forever to stay.
considering the eloquence and depth of love, it is stranger still to mention that this love crossed my path not in some busy intersection of life...i found it in the wide and ever-expanding world of the internet.

Both of us belong to india.for some reasons lets call me nina and him, arjun.<these are indian names>. this incident happened in January 2001, and ever since my life has not been the same.






That evening I was idlying my time on a local chat server called MIRC. guys were flooding me with private messages wanting me to answer to their weird and stupid questions. I was just surfing past people and names when, this particular question caught my eye...."good evening ma,am, how are you?". Well, for once I was taken aback by this flattering show of courtesy. back here in my country, we are a people of high standards of morality, courtesy and ethics.

Well, I liked it, to be more precise, i more than like it. i glanced at the nick of this flattering stranger, it read, that was splendid...I mean what girl there would be who would like, just not be swept away by these handsome, brave...too damn confident and courageous men...I was no exception....well personally I always had this thing for army guys...they are like just so devoted....I mean everyone is patriotic but how many are there who would voluntarily quit that warm and secure place they call home and plunge into a life dictated by the norms of the he and all like him had my sincere respects and guess what he answered, "that's all we want ma,am..", its that simple, an act of simple respect can humble these larger-than-life men who lead such complex and dangerous lives....well, to come to my love story...we just took off.....we chatted for some one and a half hours when he asked for my telephone number...he wanted to call...

Waiting for him to call i felt a mixture of anxiety and a sense of bewilderment...for heaven's sake this was something that i had never done before....i mean there he was a complete stranger....out there in the world that i hardly knew....and here i was waiting with mixed feelings to talk with a man i had never known before those one and a half hours.

He called and to cut a long story short, we just took of. after that he called me twice a day. he now tells me that during those days his telephone bills dramatically shot up<he was in another city that time>. Well after having talked for three or four days i was just casually chatting with him when I said that I have this special protective feeling towards him, the kind you feel for a brother you have never had.....boy....that just blew the lid off his hostile temper....I still quite remember how he curtly responded "I have one sister and I am grateful to god for her, I don't need anymore, thank you!"

I was shell shocked. I just failed to fathom what exactly had I said to him to expect 'that' sort of response. i conveyed my thoughts to him and he said that right then,, right at that moment he wanted to talk to me urgently....there was something that he desperately wanted me to know. i was confused. the turn of affairs was baffling me. he called and guess what he plain and simple, short and painfully straightforward words he told me that he loved me.....and you know what....I laughed...not at him....but at the sheer stupidity of the moment.....the whole concept of internet love and all was something I looked at with serious contempt before...I mean I just could not fancy the whole idea of two strangers falling in love without even knowing who it was they were falling in love with.... I mean they could be bald 55 years old peodaphiles!

I asked him that neither had he seen me nor did he know the real person I sweetheart was quite unfazed....he retorted....'so what I will know now'......that was simple and plain for him him to say...I was evasive...I needed a little time to sort out my confusing thoughts......the only other worthwhile thing he asked me that moment was to quit smoking....<I was quite indulgent>, I swear... After that day we talked as usual and after seven days he came down to meet me.....boy.....till then I 'was' in love with this splendid , handsome and extremely courteous army friends went all ooooahhhhh...over him....he's just that kind of man.

When we first met, to be honest, not one person alive could claim that it was our first meeting.....we were old buddies....classic lovers.....longtime sweethearts...that's how others perceived us........well that was the first time we met and so far we haven't left each other's time we will get married.....but right now the ecstatic bliss of togetherness......the immense power of love...the complete surrender.....its all so good and wonderful...

He's my soulmate and my lifeline.....I fail to comprehend my life without's him or it's nothing......and all....thanks to internet!