Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     The Netherlands

This is my life story with John. We met on the net on June 15, 2000. 

At the time, I had an internet boyfriend who lives in Zwolle which is in Holland.


When I went chatting, there was a nickname with an IP address from the Netherland. That nickname is Tennisbal and that time my nickname was Munky. I never thought that tennisbal would give me a "hi" popup in the channel. I thought that tennisbal is my boyfriend who lives in Zwolle and tried to spy on me.

I always "cheat" in the chatroom because I just thought that it's fun :) At that time, I was planning to break up with my boyfriend because I have found another boyfriend named Nurul. He's also 16 and it's very good for me to go out with a guy who has the average age of mine. Back to tennisbal, he showed me his website and I was wrong thinking that tennisbal is my boyfriend who lives in Zwolle (his name is Donny).





   It turned out that tennisbal is an 18 years old male who lives in Gouda, Holland. So we started talking and we had a great time. It seemed as though I have found a new best friend. Then he gave me his mobile phone and his address which is hard to believe because I just met tennisbal. He asked for my telephone number and my address also.

I wasn't sure into giving him my personal biodata because it's kind of dangerous to just give away personal information. But there's something inside of me that tells me tennisbal is a good person. He wanted to see my website because he wanted to make sure that "Munky" is not a 40 years old guy with hairs on his back. A few minutes later, he gave me a call for like 5 seconds because it's too expensive to call long distance to America using his mobile phone. That is how I met John...

The next day, I was using the nick Vanpire instead of Munky. John came back in the chatroom to find Munky. One of my friend privated me and he told me that a guy named tennisbal is looking for Munky. So I decided to talk again to tennisbal and this time, Nurul, my new boyfriend suspected something about us. 

John gave me a "love" popup in the channel in front of Nurul. Nurul was jealous and he challenged John to have this IRC hacking war. I asked the two of them to be friends instead of enemy. It was kind of confusing for me to choose between those two because I chose Nurul to be my boyfriend but then John came out from nowhere. Beside those two, I have another problem with my other boyfriend in Zwolle. I didn't explain to Donny yet about Nurul and I didn't tell him that I want to break up with him.

Until one day when John and Donny went online together, John started to piss him off. They were having this rough conversation in Dutch and finally, Donny wanted to break up with me. Which is the result that I'm expecting from him. Now I have two problems to deal with.

I signed up for eCRUSH and I listed all of my crushes name. I put down two new names which are Nurul and John. My other names were Donny and another guy with the nickname of Mulder (both of them come from the chatroom).

The next day, John went online and he gave me a surprise from eCRUSH. I never thought that he would write down my name also. John is the only person who replied my eCRUSH list. The rest of the guys don't even bother to write down my name. Hmmpph!! I thought they love me. To be honest, I do have a crush on John but I never thought that he would have a crush on me too. Talking with John is like talking to my own best friend. Something different about him that I really like.

A while later, Nurul had to move to another city to go to this special school. He won't be able to go chatting as much as he used to. So we wrote each other some e-mails. For a month I received at least 20 e-mails from Nurul but something is wrong here. Nurul is my new boyfriend and I only received 20 amount of e-mails from him. In the other hands, I received a total of almost 60 e-mails from John who is my crush. From then on, I realized that I love John. Everyday he would call me just to say hello. Well... once in a while he woke me up in the morning. I would buy phone cards just to hear his voice. I know that I'm kind of broke now, but I'd give up anything just to be with him. He had spent lots of money to call long distance to America. I feel terrible when his mom finds out that he's been spending his money for America.

One of the greatest moment was when he said that his mom said hi to me. I couldn't believe it myself until I heard her voice on the phone. I was kind of nervous not knowing what to say to her and I think she felt the same way too. At that same time, we talked from 15:00 until 20:00. My mom was getting annoyed because John wants to know what's her opinion toward him. When I asked her that, my mom gave me a sarcastic smile "I don't know". I hope she'll realizes how important John is for me. She might not like John if I tell her that he's from the internet. But because of him, I'm staying away from the chatroom now. Can't you see how important he is for me, mom?

Besides calling each other long distance, we also write letters to each other. His first letter to me was a heart shaped Elmo card. It was so cute and he said that his handwriting is terrible, but I don't mind reading it at all. He made me this heart shaped thing to hang on my neck. It's not really perfect, but I'm proud to wear it. I like it when a guy shows his feelings for that special someone. I'm sure that it took him quite a while to make that heart shaped thing (he blew up his shouldering gun for it).

He's planning to go to America this Christmas. I'm planning to get a job this year because I want to give John something special. He said that he's buying me a ring and he's making me another heart shaped necklace only this time, he's putting a ruby on it. He wants me to take off the other heart thing and replace it with the one with the ruby on it.

I refused to do that because I like the first heart he gave me. I'll wear both of them half a day for midnight and daylight. I think it's a real commitment for someone who you haven't even met yet. What bothers me the most is that I'm afraid if he won't like me when we meet in real life.

What if he thinks that I'm too ugly? All I know is that I love John just the way he is. I like spending time with him. I enjoy talking with him on the phone and I learned a lot about him by that kind of communication.

One day I received a sterling silver ring from him. I never thought that he's serious about it. My first glance at the ring was the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. Now I realized that John is everything to me.

I hope he'll be able to visit Indonesia with me in the year of 2002. I pray that we'll still be together until the year of 2003 or more. I will always remember him for he is my first caring boyfriend and I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!!!! 

No matter what, he won't be forgotten by me that easily.