Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Greetings from Oregon =). I saw your site, and knew I had to tell you about my very own Internet love story.


t started when my parents bought me a computer for my 16th birthday. I know I sound too young already to even know what love is, but that was a while ago, so keep reading =) Anyway, I got aol, and since school had just ended and I didn't have a summer job yet, I started surfing regularly. One of the first days I started, I discovered chat rooms.

I lived and had grown up in an extremely small town in Oregon, and finding this many interesting people to talk to was amazing. The first person I found that was near my age was a boy from NY named Christian. 






We started talking, and I soon found out that he had just gotten aol too, and I was the first person he had talked to also. We found this funny, and ended up building a small friendship upon this coincidence. We talked daily all summer about everything, soon finding that we had just about everything you could ever imagine in common. After talking for a year and a half on the Internet, and on the phone, and still never even seeing a picture of each other, we were dying. 

We knew we had an extremely special friendship, and decided we would meet someday. We made a goal, that by the year 2000, we would meet. Both of us begged our parents almost daily to help us with a plane ticket, but money is tight with both of our families, and it was hard. Finally, around Thanksgiving of this year, my parents finally gave in. My only Christmas present in 1999 was a ticket to Buffalo for 2 weeks. I was ecstatic, and so was Christian. As soon as I stepped off that plane, the tears started flowing, and I just knew it was right. We stood in the airport for half an hour just crying and hugging, looking at and holding each other, not knowing what else to do. 

We spent the 2 weeks in pure ecstasy, skiing, playing, travelling, and just falling in love. It's been 6 months since I've seen Christian, and I'm going crazy. We talk on the phone almost daily, email each other all the time, it's like now that we've found each other, nothing can stop us. I've never met anyone that compliments me so well, and now that I have, I don't plan on letting go.

Thanks for reading, = )