My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

I was bored one day and decided to get in a chat room. I started talking to this guy named "fieldy159".

I started talking to him because he played tennis like my ex boyfriend. We grew to become best friends.

  Michelle & Fieldy happy together
  It was weird that it was online and not in person but in a way it was easier. I was afraid he wouldn't like the way I looked and I didn't think he would understand my feelings for him since i hadn't met him before. We ended up becoming closer and we became best friends.

Then one day I decided to tell him how I felt, when I did he told me that he loved me.

Falling in love with him has been the best thing in my life. When we met it was perfect, we got along so well. We have been together for a long time.






So don't worry take that chance to tell that person how you feel because the worst thing you can do is miss the chance of your life to fall in love with the perfect someone.