Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

My name's well ha-ha lets keep it in a lil' secret and call me Michael and lets call my
love Mulan. Well here I go...

  I signed up on this website called tagged because my friends kept bugging me to enter and sign up. So I was bored like somewhat in Nov 20 or something and I got in it. I did my profile and soon I became to realize the site was pretty cool. I posted up my interests and my hobbies and blah blah you know those kinds of things.

Time passed by and I got kinda annoyed by the website because it got old to me. So I later found out it had a chat place in there, I logged in and started to chat for my very first time in that website. I didnít know what to expect, I knew it was going to be fun messing around with people but I never realized that that first time chatting in there I will met the love of my life.







I started to mess with people and some people messed with me, so I need help and there was my Mulan she came out of no where and we teamed up to defend each other from them. We just came out with the silliest things ever lol ;) and I then added her to my friends or buddy page (whatever itís called). We then started to send messages thru that website, we really got along. Itís like the first time we chatted I had this little feeling inside me like if I was a little kid having a crush on the pretty girl of the class lol. We just messed around and I exactly remember the say we met, it was on Dec 10th.

Few weeks later (more like a week later lol) she asked for my yahoo messenger ID so I gave it to her and right there and then we hit if off real good. I donít remember the
exact date in which we chatted on yahoo messenger but it was the longest chat I have ever had. We chatted for 9 HOURS and since she lives in Cali. the time zone is different. I remember going to sleep like at 6am I think because it was sooooo much fun talking to her. Out of those 9 hours I never got bored of talking to her. I later realized -hey why in the blue hell will I stay up that late and chat with a girl I have never even met before and that I barely even know but yet why do I have this crazy feeling inside me?

Yep thatís what I kind of didnít understand. But yet I knew her for about 2 weeks and I
felt like I have known her forever. Time passed and it was around Jan 5 I think. Well any who we emailed each other every single day, long emails that consisted of like 10paragraphs of just saying how our day was and sharing thoughts and feelings. I wouldnít say she was exactly and open person, she was very conservative and it did kinda bug me a little because I wanted to know more about her and her life and family and just everything about her I wanted to know. I later got over the conservative thing because I understood that well she barely knew me and she has every right in the world to be secretive and not tell me everything.

That later got fixed but lets cont with the story. I got to know a lot about her (not the stupid simple things I mean like things she felt and thought of ha-ha which I will not reveal because its too personal only for me and her to know ^_^ lol) well and what shocked me the most was that we had the same Birthday me and my sweet Mulan were from Nov 28 !! And they both tell us "get out of lala land". Its crazy I know, but in that time I knew I loved her before I knew her. I was like virtually obsessed with her; I couldnít get enough of her. I wanted to know everything and just wanted to talk to her 24/7.

I confessed what I felt about her to my cousin, and he told me it was all cool and that
lots of people fall in love thru the net. And I knew my feelings and it was not love heck
I was like SOOOO CRAZY FOR HER...I LOVE HER. Then we really couldnít get enough of each other because she emailed me everyday and message me to my phone every day and night. I was really happy because she made me feel loved and wanted, but I really didnít think she had the same feelings for me. The first time we talked was on March 4th, I remember because it was my little cousinís birthday. We talked for about 30 min (it really felt like 5 min) I made her laugh and did the best impression on her because lol I stuttered a lot and I was really nervous and scared lol. Heck my hands were shaking and my whole stomach was going nuts on me lol. She told me to call her at 12pm (Iím in Texas) over here which is 10am over there. She had to hang up so we did and then I really missed her after that.

I had my head down and really felt like I hit rock bottom. The next day we talked and we talked for about 2 hours (well Iím not a phone person and either is her, so to us 2 hours were a lot) she was using her big sisters phone and me my phone. Then all of a sudden WHAM the line got cut off, I thought it was the signal so I went outside hoping I got it back and I called her again and again but she never picked up. After an hour of trying I was certain something happened and I just went back to my room all heart broken. It killed me at first because we were having sooo much fun talking but then we got cut off. This is kind of awkward but I started to cry because of the terrible sad feeling I had inside me.

I later got over it and she emailed me telling me the line got cut off because her phone
died and she didnít know what was the lil' beeping noise (see told you we donít know much about phones lol) so thatís why the line got cut off. We still talked and talked any time we can, and always take the advantage.

It was some where around March because I had to go to Mexico for my 3 month visit for my braces. Well I remember it still because in those 2 days I was away it hurt me because I missed her soooo much. I also bought her some gifts like a necklace and some angel statues and things that I thought she might like. We came back and she gave me her house address so I sent her a package containing some gifts and a notebook of poems I did for her (one of those poems will be published in a book.. thanks for the love she gave me I started to make poems and I still do them).

In this time she was very open to me but not all because ha-ha she never told me "I love you" because I didn't think she had the same feelings for me. I then couldnít take it no more so then one night I was Txting her with my phone and she was just about to go to sleep and she said..."I do know my feelings, I love you" (I know not the best way to tell someone I love you but I guess she couldnít take it no more and I swear to god I was gonna confess to her what I felt about her the next day but she beat me to it). I just gazed at the lil' cell phone screen amazed and full of love inside of me. I txted her back saying..."I love you too" but she didnít read it till morning. The next day I told her everything and she did too. I was soooo happy to know she loves me and that she has the same feelings as I have for her.

Then May 27 was a day I will never forget. We talked and talked and guess for how long?? we talked for 11HOURS on the phone man that was the best thing ever...oh and I forgot to mention we shared everything absolutely everything and thereís some stuff I cant tell you because its real personal but we shared everything to each other and I have never trusted someone soo much but her. She tells me things like personal things and I do too. I have never felt soooo wanted and loved in my life. My love for her is sooo strong and it had beaten lots of obstacles, with her I felt feelings I have never ever experienced or thought they existed. Sheís my first love and even though we're young we both know what we want and we both wanna spend our whole lives together and forever.

This is my story so far, and I'm fixing to go visit her in a couple of months (11months)
because Iím going with her to her prom and I just canít wait for the day I meet her. We
both love each other very much and we both know we wonít stop loving each other till our time comes. I will submit more of my story later as it progresses. And I will give you the whole story the complete story when we're finally together.

Thanks for reading my storyÖ more will come.