My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     Australia

Saying goodbye at an airport is an emotionally draining experience as every part of your
soul just does not want to do it when you love someone especially when you have had to do
it four times.

  Mars and Deborah together at last
  It's so hard to walk away that you have to fight yourself. So it was back to my side of the world again for another few months but this time I arrived home knowing that the next time I would see my Deborah I would never have to leave her again.

We decided that our future was in Adelaide. Deborah loved it here. She loved the beaches and hills and lifestyle and the standard of living. Although there are cultural differences between Australia and England she felt she could adapt to life in Australia.

So the next step was to apply to immigration for a visa. What a nightmare that was. We had to supply so many documents and had to prove that our relationship was real as lots of people try to get into the country by arranged marriages.







But we were determined and knew to take it step by step. Most goals are reached with those little steps so we remained focused and provided immigration with everything they required.

Then we had to wait. I've heard of well off people that have their visas rejected so it was a very stressful time. So we kept on working and ringing each other every day and life went on with the horrible feeling of not knowing what would happen. Anyway Deborah rang me one day and we were chatting and she suddenly told me her visa had been approved. I just started jumping around the room like a monkey screaming for joy while she laughed at me. It was the best feeling. All that insecurity of not knowing was gone.

Sadly my grandparents passed away before Deborah could be here permanently. My
grandfather was mesmerised by her and told me she was fantastic. I've had girlfriends
before and he never liked any of them but he loved Deborah and so did my grandmother. My grandparents were the best people I'd ever known and the fact they loved Deborah made me so proud and it was sad she never got to spend much time with them but life goes on.

So we planned the day she would leave England. Time went even slower now but that sense of excitement was with us now. Deb had a lot of packing and organising to do
before we could be together. The time finally came and after a tearful goodbye to her
family and friends she was on her way. After a sleepless night I jumped in my car to head off to the airport to wait for her. There is always a long wait after an international
flight has landed which adds to the suspense of it all but that wait was nothing compared to how long we had to wait to be together.

I waited in the arrival hall and then I saw Deborah confidently marching towards me and
you could not wipe the smiles of our faces as we hugged and kissed each other knowing that we were finally together. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that we had achieved our goal. We walked out of there and into our new life together.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that a click of a mouse at a certain moment in a certain time frame would change my world. But it did. Something I havent mentioned about the first time I saw that Deborahs call sign on ICQ ending in "duck" is that when I saw it I clicked it off. I thought what a silly name. But it popped up again. So I clicked it away and 2 minutes later it came back again and all this is like random. Like for all the people in the world that use ICQ what are the chances of this name popping up 4 times at random. And that fourth time is when I sent Deborah my first message.

Sometimes I can't believe that the first message I'd ever sent to Deborah was" QUACK QUACK". How many girls would fall in love with you from a message like that? LOL. When I pull my computer apart to add components I just look at the motherboard and I think to myself how can this bit of soldering and circuitry bring two people together from opposite sides of the globe? It still amazes me.

Anyway we continued our journey through life's struggles and Deborah has settled here very well. She has a great job and we have achieved our dream of building our new house. She was very homesick for the first few months and it was very difficult for her and she's ok now, but I'm one guy that can say that my true love crossed the world and left everything just to be with me and I will never take that for granted. I'm still in awe of what she has done. It took a lot of courage and commitment.

So this is the end of our story but only the beginning for us. And I've enjoyed telling
you of our experiences and enjoy reading the stories on this site as it is interesting
to see the circumstances of different people in different situations. And its amazing what can happen when two people are in love with each other.

Anyway the next time we cross the world it will just be for a holiday. Thank God for
that. After over 60,000 kilometers of flying time for each other it will be a walk in
the park. 


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