My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     Australia

Well the flight from Manchester to Adelaide is so boring and depressing when you have to leave a loved one behind.

  Mars & Deborah on their wedding day
  Anyway I got back to Adelaide and its the lowest feeling in the world when you know the person you love is half a world away.

So I went back to the old routine and back to work to earn enough so I could go back to the United Kingdom to be with Deborah again. The next few months went by but it
seemed like time was standing still and We just missed each other like crazy.

Well the day finally came for me to head off to to see my Deborah again. Again I walked out to the tarmac but this time no fear at all.







In fact apart from the takeoff I find flying almost boring now except that I saw smoke coming out of one of the engines of the 747 and panicked the whole plane until the flight attendant came back with a message from the captain that the smoke was normal.

As usual it seemed to take forever to get to Manchester even with all the movies and
games. I just couldn't wait to get off the thing. Anyway we landed and I began the walk towards immigration and could not believe that the same stone faced woman was there to greet me again. I was sweating as she made me feel like a potential terrorist and again I got interrogated. God I was so glad when I finally made it past her.

I walked through arrivals and Deborah was there to greet me with open arms. It was so good to see her after only hearing her voice for a few months. I proposed to her on our last trip and she said yes so I was here this time so we could get married. We chose Endinburgh Scotland. Anyway we booked where we were going to stay and drove down there a couple of days before. It was awesome. It was like going into a time
Warp. Id never seen anything like it.

Anyway we were married by a registrar in this magnificent old building and I never felt so happy. I did get emotional because Deb and I had conquered chance, time and distance to be with each other and had met every challenge so far. I just cast my mind back to the moment I sent her the first message on the computer and then to now where we were taking our wedding vows. Just an amazing journey. We then drove back to England where we had our wedding reception which was attended by about
150 people of which I only knew a handful but everyone was so into it and having a good time and being so friendly that it turned out to be a night to remember.

We had a great 3 weeks and then it was time for me to go again. I told Deborah I was sick of leaving her so we had a decision to make. One of us was going to have to leave everything they have ever known and cross the world. We talked about her options and we decided that Deborah was going to move out to Australia. Our next step was to start a process that had many hurdles and was the toughest thing we both ever had to do but you know love is truly an amazing thing no matter how corny it sounds. It made me overcome my fear of flying. It gives you hope and determination. It creates goals and motivation to achieve them. It makes a person cross the world just to be together. It makes a person leave everything they have ever known I mean How hard a thing is that to do?

People say that meeting on the internet has a stigma to it but all I can say is that I have met the most beautiful person and that I have had great experiences in travelling the world and when I look back at our achievements it was a great adventure and a great story to tell and although Part 5 is coming out we have just celebrated our 4th
Wedding anniversary and Deborah is with me in Australia.

She has a great job and we have just built our new house. If our story can give people hope Id be happy because I can remember when I didn't have any. Thanks Tina and thanks everyone for reading. We just couldn't believe our story was still on the site after such a long period of time. We only found out after an email from a television show that showed some interest in it.


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