My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   New Zealand
He's From:     United States

I was in a chatroom for fun. Jeremy signed in. He was immediately curious because of my screen name (Twilightmama).

  Marcia & Jeremy's first meeting
  He sent me a whisper that simply said "why did you choose Twilightmama for your name"? We laugh about it now, but it was that simple question with no sexual
innuendo, that prompted me to answer him. From there we exchanged email addresses, etc. and continued talking on MSN Messenger.

From the moment this man first made contact with me, I felt something special, I
knew it was the beginning of something beautiful and unique. We had so much in common that it was sometimes scary. We found it amazing that two people, from the opposite sides of the world, from completely different cultures could share the same beliefs and thought processes.







But best of all I knew he was the one for me, because he understood my quirky sense of humor, and better still, he laughed with me. From there over the months we developed a better understanding of each other, and our love for each other grew. Jeremy was able to tell me "I love you" a lot sooner that I was. I had been burnt from a previous long term relationship and was quite happy to sit on the sidelines for awhile. I certainly didn't expect for love to coming 'knocking on my computer screen'.

Finally there was no denying my love for him - and I told him exactly what he meant to me, and how he affects my life in so many positive ways. To conclude, I told him that "I loved him". I made my first trip to Montana, USA on May 29th 2004. It was a very
long journey (30+ hours). By the time I walked into the arrival area of the airport, I had a combination of tiredness, nerves and hungriness going on. I saw Jeremy from the top of the escalator. I managed to position myself between two fairly tall men, so I was obscured on the way down. I stepped off the escalator, walked through the glass
sliding doors, and stepped in front of Jeremy and said "hello" (I had obsessed for hours before on the journey of something meaningful, or even something funny to say) I had it all worked out in my head - but when the moment of being there face to face arrived, I was lost for words...the best I could manage was a pathetic "hello" in a volume no better than a field mouse squeaking. There he was - standing there amongst hundreds of people, with a dozen pink roses. We laugh about it now, because his reaction was no better - his first words to me were "Your so brown", I said "Yes, what do you expect I'm from a Pacific Island"? He told me I was beautiful, and far surpassed his expectations. We kissed, and he wrapped his big strong arms around me...I don't remember walking to the baggage claim area, and I don't remember the airport surroundings, or that there were even other people around. At that very moment, time had stood still, and I was realizing the reality of all my dreams. Jeremy took me to a wonderful Hotel, and we shared a beautiful evening together finally in each other's company.

I spent 3 months with Jeremy and his family in Montana, during which time we got engaged then I flew back to New Zealand. I returned for another 3 month visit to Montana, then had to leave to go back to New Zealand again. This time it wasn't so sad because Jeremy flew back to New Zealand with me to meet my family - they loved him!. We stayed in New Zealand for one week, then flew back with my 8 year old daughter to Montana. Jeremy and I got married on April 1st 2005 (April Fools Day)
we thought it was fitting, cause we're two fools who are just madly, passionately in love. We're in the process of establishing permenent residency status for my daughter and I at the moment.

My life with him goes from strength to strength...We hate to be apart from each other
too long. He is my world, and my love that I cherish with all my heart. In conclusion, without telling people too much detail...when they ask us "How did you two meet"? we normally like to tell them, that we met through a 'mutual' friend named 'Bill'. Bill Gates - Microsoft! Works for us!