Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Hong Kong
He's From:     Australia

Hi,my name is mandy,18,chinese.I was born in Hong Kong.

I've had many painful long distance relationships online but no one has ever melt my heart the way the one I met on icq back in May last year who lives in Australia. His name is Rene,19.

  I have been asked so many times why I go for guys online so far
away.I always tell them that I fancy western guy soooo much.I find
them very attractive and romantic.

Sadly to say,I have lived in Hong Kong for 18 years but I couldn't find any western friends/bf at all because all the friends who I talk to and hang out with are all
chinese. It really is pretty hard to find one except studying in an
international school which costs a lot of money.






I know that this is a very long distance relationship but strong. We talk to each other almost every day.Shortly after talking to him,I knew that we loved each other.I know it sounds ridiculous falling in love so quickly with strangers on the internet but I think for all those out there who meet their true love online like the way I did,you'll definitely believe all this amazing feelings.He's always been soo nice and funny,not only to me but all of his friends.

Everyone loves him so much. There isn't a second I'm not laughing out loud while
talking to him,no matter on the internet or phone. He's such a
wonderful guy with so many talents. He plays guitar (I LOVE guys who
play guitar or at least one musical instrument) writes VERY good
love poems just for me :D , and has very good sense of humor too. I
just LOVE everything about him. There isn't any flaw in him because
I love him too much. I've met a few guys who I met on the internet
but none of them are as perfect as Rene, to be honest. One of the
things that puts Rene on a higher pedestal than the other guys I
have dated is his incredible sweetness and kindness toward me and
other people. It seems like I'm always unlucky to find my love close
to me. Except my first bf, all of the rest were and still are
millions miles away from me. But with such a rare find like Rene, I
didn't give up even though it was hard. I was soo glad that fate
from god put us even closer together last year on my
birthday (August 5) when I moved to New Zealand to study :D

We were both very glad about this and we couldn't wait until the day we'll
meet. Days and months passed quickly, our love grew deeper and deeper
while every time I got a letter from him of all those romantic
sweet love poems, my heart started melting while reading them. I
can't believe how romantic and sweet he is. All the little romantic
things that he's done for me makes me think I was in a long
sweet fairy tale dream and never want to wake up again.
Here's the first poem from him that deeeeeply touched my heart that
I want to share it with all of you.

"Poem for Mandy":

Through hard time I don't want to live this life,
This empty feeling deep inside,
Dust in my throat I scream a disguise,
It's so hard I want to ask but I'm too shy,
Tilt my hand back and look at the sun,
Inside I know you are the only one.
I look at my scam,
Another day filled with overwhelming sighs,
Your smile brings hope into my life,
I can feel your soul above flying high,
Only wish you could hear these cries,
Of my growing eternal love for you that will never die,
Last time I saw your eyes my heart was stolen.
When I need a true friend,
You're always there in spirit and name.
I wish one day I will see into your eyes,
Your beauty leaves my heart in two.
You have conquered this love,
You are the one I would give up life for,
But I hope to one day see her eyes,
And breathe her love into me.
We shall stand together as one,
Holding tightly falling in love.
My only wish is that moment has no time,
I'd pick a rose and caress your lips,
I'll keep your kiss and memory too.
You bring out my sun in time so gloom,
You are the only one I think of all the time,
I only hope you can picture this too,
Us together always in love for eternity.
You have this life,
You have smiled my way,
You have my heart,
Will you stare my way even if I'm blined with love?
Will you tolerate this ever growing passion I have for you?
I dare ask you the question,
No-one seems to matter,
When I stare deep into you,
I don't think I like you,
Because I'm sure I am deeply in love with you,
Is it my love for you that makes my heart swell?
I'm sure this is for real,
I hear no talking when I think of you,
All that's echoed in my soul crying for you,
Last time I saw your eyes my heart was stolen,
I love you Mandy...

The most romantic thing that melts my heart forever is that one day he had this little romantic crazy idea wanting to show me how much he truly loves me with all
his heart and soul. He went to the airport one day, asked the people
there wondering how much it costs to pay for a plane to write "I
LOVE YOU (MANDY)" over the sky where I was...AWWWW WORDS CAN NEVER EVER EXPRESS HOW DEEPLY TOUCHED I FELT INSIDE MY HEART...... He always has crazy ideas but I just LOVE him for who he is. There's no doubt
that there's always been an urge to meet each other. Before I moved
to New Zealand, I gave him my phone number for him to call me
because he wanted to wish me all the luck and good future before I
go. It was our first time to talk on the phone but I sounded really
really surprised and nervous hearing this unfamiliar voice so far
away yet so close to my heart. It was amazing and I'll never forget
that special day. All those dreams about kissing each other
passionately, strolling on the beach, making romantic love etc were
not only just a dream anymore until I finally made the move to come
all the way here by myself to meet my special prince at Brisbane
airport on the 23rd May 2002.

Also one more romantic thing was that he actually sold one of his guitars to just buy me this expensive fabulous necklace...I know he loves his guitars very much but I'll
never forget how sweet he is to me, saying" I sold my guitar but I
can always buy another one and many more different ones. But you're
the only one special Mandy in the world. I love you so much I'll do
anything for you. I'll even die for you". I felt so very special at
that moment. I don't think there's anyone as sweet and perfect as
him for me.

Now I'm still in Australia spending time with him. On the other hand, things were not working out as perfect as I expected. So many though problems were going on between us and we thought we'd break up terribly (of course we never want to break up) when I have to go back to New Zealand on the 11th June. He's studying at
university, major in architecture and he usually has numerous of work to do. Since I told him I was gonna come all the way there to meet him, he hasn't been able to do any work because he was soooooo nervous about meeting me, vice-versa! It's true to everyone that you can hardly sleep when you're going to meet someone for real who you never met before, especially on the internet.

The first few hours was so great just holding each other in our arms tightly falling more in love with each other. He wanted me to stay at his house with his parents and younger sister (17), this way he can spend more time with me and also save my
money as much as possible for accomodation :D I just LOVE how
thoughtful he is!! Things turned bad a few days after staying at his house while his dad realizing he hasn't touched any of his work at all but spending all his time on me. They had a serious big talk one morning while i was in rene's room doing something. When he came back in, I saw water welled up on the brim of his lids, and finally a
single tear fell, gliding down his cheek in slow motion. I asked in
shock "what's wrong?" He told me that his dad was going to kick him out of the house the next day and uni is over. He also told him that he's not his son anymore. We both cried pathetically and I asked how could your dad be so mean? The reason why he said that was because he thought he didn't want to study anymore and move out
to live with me and never come back (of course he didn't mean what he all said to rene). He was just mad and upset. At that moment, I felt terrible for ruining his family and uni. It was my fault to come here at the wrong time. What makes my holiday even more unenjoyable is that I heard my grandfather in Macau has lung cancer and is now in hospital in very very critical condition.

I couldn't control my emotions once I heard that from my mum in New Zealand. I know for sure next time I'll see him, it will not be face to face but talking to his soul in front of his graveyard :'( Tears rolling on my checks immediately and I felt like it was the end of the world with all these problems going on at the same time.... :( Rene had to
ask for 2 weeks extension so that he has time to finish all his work
he has. We both felt so bad for all this had to happen....I was expecting a very fun holiday with him before I came all the way here but it turned out to be a sad holiday with sad thoughts. Words cannot explain how terribly sorry he feels for ruining my holiday here, he said that to me over and over and over all the time. I had to
move to somewhere else to stay after I left his house because it was not a good idea to stay any he just rang one of his good friends he knows in class who he trusts very much to ask her if she could please let me stay there. He explained everything to her and she was pleased to help him. Everything he's done for me makes me even fall deeper in love with him. He's such a thoughtful and wonderful bf
in the world. He does this because he doesn't want me to spend money on
accomodation if it's possible. Even though i can stay at cheap
backpackers or somewhere else to save my money, he'll be worry about my
safety because i have no family member nor any close friends here to
take care of me. That's why my family is soo worried about me coming all the way here by myself. They all think i'm such a brave girl.

Rene always keeps his words for taking care of me and how he says he'll do anything to make me happy and all. I trust and love him with all my heart even though my so-called fun holiday is not exactly what I expected at all. I still have so much fun with him when spending time together. He's so perfect for me and I'll always love him with all my heart and soul.His parents talked to him about me staying there so i didn't have to pay for anything which did save me an amount of money, they just told him how stupid he was because once i go back to New Zealand (8 days away!!), they thought i might just find another one soon and forget about him. They kept going on about how I'm using him and how stupid he was but we truly know in our hearts that none of that is true.3 weeks is not long but at least I've got to know rene better for real and how nice he really is. I'd say I'm a very lucky girl knowing all these nice guys/friends
on the internet from around the world because I know there are many jerks out there but many of them are all true and nice friends who I can trust with all my heart.

For all those reading this love story, I hope you'll not give up what you've got. It's always true that when you've got such a perfect gf/bf like I do, you start realizing what
you were missing in your past. Yo te amo mucho (spanish-Translation: I love you
so much) my prince-Rene. One more sweet love poem from him that I love SOOO MUCH!!

"Poem for my sweet flower Mandy":

I'm so happy cause I know I have your love,
I am no longer scared.
You are my light,
You are my candle,
Even in a daze when my eyes see only fog.
I remember being so lonely,
It's all okay now both our hearts feel the same,
Now I am no longer sad,
My eyes's only cry tears filled with your love,
I'm so excited I can't wait to meet you,
I don't care if I must climb more mountains,
My love for you has no boundaries.
I love you so much my head is going to crack,
Were you always beautiful even as a child?
Did they all fall in love with your precious smile?
Do you know you're my brightest star?
Do you know that you've won over my heart?
Please hold it tight in your arms,
I caress your face even in my sleep.
Maybe soon it shall no longer just be a dream,
You're all that I've always wanted.
Did you even imagine I'd love you so much?
The day you took my heart away,
All the troubles I had disappeared.
Now all I can do is smile constantly,
Knowing your beauty is far away but yet so near.
How could a flower like you fall in love with a peasant like me?
What have I done to deserve such glory?
A long time ago I never knew myself,
But the day I met you life was my gift.
Your beauty such a wondrous power,
My heart poured my chest so hard.
I was afraid you'd never notice my presence,
I never want you to slip from my life.
Perhaps some day my ring shall grace your hand,
Before you I had nothing,
Without you I am nothing.
I feel inside me now there is something,
My love for you a path taken by fate.
I feel so insane when I think of you,
I feel the world is our gain.
With you by my side all is ours,
With you by my side I am more than a man,
When I see you I see who I am.
Without you I am nothing,
I love you.
All else to me means nothing,
I love you.
I want you to know my love for you shall always be true,
Until my last breath.
Even when I die my soul shall rise with love for you,
Sweet darling Mandy,
I love you....