Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   South Africa
He's From:     Australia

I was on the Internet for more then 2 years before I met John. I always said to myself don't take anyone of them serious, its just for fun, boy was I wrong!


John and I feel madly in love. He is the most wonderful man in the world
he is funny he is kind and we have so many things in common that it sometimes even amaze us. When we first started
talking it did not go well, he was always tired and want to go to sleep, and I use to be irritated by his placid responses.

He told me he was never married not even engaged and I thought I yeah, I can believe that he is not a very responsive person.







But I was bored and when he come on line and said hello I chatted back to him...ask him if he needed a housekeeper seeing that he lives alone...he said yes.. I in a joke then said I don't iron or clean widows and I'm not a very good cook to which he replies I don't iron my clothes I will wash the windows and I am a good cook myself. I send him my photo and all of a sudden John was on everyday talking more and more to me, I had to draw most things out of him but found him a very interesting person once he gets started.

He was shy at first but slowly he opened up more and more and before we knew it we could not wait for each other to come on line...we discover that we were meant for each other and want to spent the rest of our lives together. I was in a very unhappy marriage and John is all I ever wanted in a man, he ask me to come to him and I wanted that with all my heart.

So I will be leaving South Africa next April to go to the man I love more then anything and we will be married in September. I wish all your internet lovers the same happy relationship.