It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

I was literally bored. I went to work, came home, and found myself hopelessly B.O.R.E.D!

I was thirty-eight years old with no life, whatsoever. It was a sad state of affairs.

  It was six o’clock in the evening as I lay in my bed with a bag of Oreo cookies, a two litre diet Pepsi, and a remote control, flipping the channels like a person possessed. I had the nerve to subscribe to cable, but there wasn’t a damn thing on.

Friday night, and I’m sitting at home. There had to be something I could do. I continued to flip the channels until I heard the word Internet and stopped. The scene was a talk show, and the guest was describing her relationship on-line. I reached for the remote control to turn up the sound, as I stuffed another Oreo into my mouth. For some reason I was very intrigued by her story, listening attentively.






An hour later I turned off the television with heaviness in my heart. The woman on television found love on the Internet. She was happily married for five years now. I couldn’t believe it as I ate another cookie, playing with the white icing. If she found love on the Internet then what was stopping me?

Of course a computer, but I had over ten thousand dollars in the bank, so buying one wasn’t an issue. And there were a million other avenues to establish with a computer. I’ll get AOL and let my mind explore. I was so excited I could burst. This would definitely elevate the boredom. With a computer I could shop, visit the websites, play music; take on-line classes. I could have an array of fun. Why didn’t I have a computer before now? No wonder I was bored.

A month later on another Friday night, I was sitting in my living room, staring at my new computer, the renewal of my now exciting life. I was invented with American On Line, and communicating through email, really enjoying the rewards of what a computer could do for me.

But I was a little nervous about the personals which I stared at everyday, but a frighten rabbit to click. I was a pro with my computer, even paying my bills online. What an incredible working machine. What was my hesitation in pursuing the personals? Because I desperately wanted it to work. I was petite, and beautiful, so if I couldn’t find a mate the normal way, I had to pursue every avenue available to me. Without anymore undue hesitation, I pointed the mouse to personals, on the AOL screen, and clicked.

With a click of a mouse, and few personal questions, I was on my way to meeting men who shared the same goals as mine. I was an administrative assistant, so a doctor, or an attorney would be great, but I wasn’t choosy at all. Two hours later I emailed ten men, and smiled to myself. There was no going back now.

Everyday I ran home from work to eagerly turn on my computer immediately checking my email. All ten men replied back, so I wrote them, answering their questions, communicating back and forth. Some men chatted with me on the instant message screen, which was very convenient. Literally I was like a kid on Christmas day, having the time of my life. Of course the Internet wasn’t a sure avenue for happiness. Number 1, 2, and 3 were white, and only wanted to discuss kinky sex; Number 4, also white, was disable. He wanted a relationship attached to a pacemaker. I concluded our chats altogether. Number 5 wanted to come visit me as soon as possible, also white. I wasn’t blind to the fact that I could be chatting with a maniac, so I had to trend on careful ground.

Number 6, also white, wanted a friend, which wasn’t a problem, but I wanted to meet some black men. I had never dated men of another race before. Where were the black men? I guess they didn’t have time to communicate on the Internet. Number 7 just wanted a friendship too, so we chatted every chance we got. Number 8 was married, and wanted extra curricular activities, but I wasn’t the one. Number 9 asked me a few questions, and never wrote back.

Now I was on Number 10 determined to find my mate. I had over 250 matches, so it was all-good. Number 10 called himself, screen name, James123. My screen name was Lynda4. I wasn’t all that creative at the moment. He seemed okay as I Instant messaged him to find out if I should move on to Number 11.

After a few tries, with him not being online, I played with the soap opera website, catching up on the latest soaps. When I was reading the events on the Bold and the Beautiful, an instant message screen interrupted me. It was James123. I instantly wrote back. 

“Hello. How are you? My name is James?”
“I’m Lynda.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Lynda. How old are you?”
I was curious to know his race. “I’m thirty-eight, and yourself?”
“I’m forty and black.”
I smiled. “I’m black also,” as I eagerly typed. Finally!
“I’m searching for my soul mate.”
“Tell me about it.”
“I like books.”
So far so good. “I love books.”
“I’m divorced with no children.”
“None for me either.”
“Are you ready to tie the knot?”
“I am with the right person.”
“Me too. Did you like my photo?”
I forgot that Number 10 had one. “It’s very nice.”
“Where is yours?
I had one on a CD. “I can email it to you now.”
“Please do!”
I went to work emailing the picture which only took five minutes. I then stared at my computer screen, waiting for his response. Five minutes later I saw his words and smiled. “You’re beautiful.”
“When can we take in a movie?”
“After we chat for a month.”
“Sounds good to me. I don’t want a desperate woman.”
I laughed. “Me either.” Maybe James would be the one. I hoped so.

A month later I was staring at my closet full of clothes. What should I wear was the most important question? I was finally meeting James at the Water Tower Place. This was it. We chatted every day, so now it was time to meet.

I had an image of him, but there was nothing like the real thing. Finally I settled on a blue mini dress, casual, but not whorish. I didn’t want to send James the wrong message. I styled my short haircut, adding makeup and high heel blue pumps. I looked good on this sunny day in mid-June. The weather couldn’t be any better as I headed for my car. It was time.

At the Water Tower Place, which was absolutely beautiful, I gave myself a tour because I was early, than usual. I found myself staring at every man I saw, but I knew James, and we agreed to meet at McDonalds, a neutral place. When it was six on the dot, I slowly strolled to McDonalds. I had never been so nervous in my life.
The minute I walked in James greeted me. I smiled at the tall, beautiful man reminding me of the basketball player, Grant Hill. They could be twins. “Hi.” “You look fabulous. Now let’s go to a real restaurant.” He was my kind of man.

Four hours later, almost midnight, I found myself staring at James, as he helped me out of my car, parking his along side mine. “The evening was nice,” I replied. “Best evening I had all year.” I actually wanted to kiss him. What was wrong with me? It was only our first date. But the way his eyes met mine, I could tell that he wanted to kiss me. Our eyes literally held in a seductive stare.

Of course I had to break the spell because I wasn’t about to kiss and tell on the first date. What would he think of me if I let him into my home and we instantly made love? Frankly, I didn’t give a damn because I wanted him more than ever, and I was going to have him, but patience was the key.

“I should leave,” he replied. “I don’t want to go, believe me. I want to walk into your place, and then make passionate love to you. You take my breath away, but I know it’s only our first date. We can’t rush into anything. I’m not a slut in a sense either. You know what I mean.” I laughed. “I got the picture. You can come in for some coffee, though. We both had a lot to drink, and I’d hate for you to have an accident because you drank too much. The wine was delicious.”

“I can come in for a minute.” I knew I was probably making a mistake, but I just didn’t want him to leave. Fifteen minutes later we were sipping coffee, but our eyes were meeting on a very dangerous level. I couldn’t control my libido. Something was happening to me, and it had nothing to do with the hot coffee. I sat it down on the table, because my hands were shaking. James noticed them, and sat his down, and then he moved toward me, and then my lips were on his, and the fire in my body lit up to a high temperature... 


>> Continued in Part Two and Part Three