My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Malta

My grandfather was in the hospital. I couldn't bear seeing him in that state again that evening so I stayed home. I went into a chat room, one I've never visited before. I just picked it at random.

  Lori & Sonny happy together
  I was telling the room how sad I felt about my grandfather and someone sent me a whisper "smile, it will get better". Little did I know he, Sonny, would be my future husband. The next morning my grandfather died. God didn't let me hit rock bottom. He sent me an angel, my husband, to help me through that rough time.

We talked and emailed for a year. Over this time we fell in love. We knew we were soulmates. He came to the USA for me and we returned to Malta together. I've been here 2 years now. We got married March 4,2002. We are best friends and partners for life!







If I hadn't gone into that room, maybe if I had gone to the hospital that night, what if I had turned on the TV instead of the internet. What if? Who knows, I might not have ever met my soulmate, but I did.

I believe things are truly meant to be. Dreams do come true. I'm living proof. I'm blessed and very happy to have met, purely by chance, my wonderful, loving husband Sonny. So many times people think only losers are online or in chatrooms.

My husband is a graduate of University of Malta with a masters degree in European Law and he works for the Gov of Malta. I am a Cosmetologist plus have my teaching degree in cosmetology. Were not ugly and fat and we don't have an extra head growing out of our shoulders, lol. Internet romance can happen and the myths are not always true.

However, I do stress using caution and making sure not to give out personal detail until you are sure who you're talking to, and it's safe. Never meet anyone in person unless you have a friend with you in a public place. God Bless.