It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Israel
He's From:     United Kingdom

Hello from Jerusalem!

Well in my the first part of my story, a right soppy one, I gushed shamelessly over my relationship with my David, from Crewe, England.

Well on september 24, it will be a year since our first live meeting in london ...

  Liz and David during their next meeting
  Seven visits back and forth between england and israel later , and one divorce (mine) , my sweety is moving permantly to israel in mid october... he gave one months notice at his job of 8 years and now its just a matter of us both sorting all the technical stuff of the big mooooooove.

I love him so much, the crazy man! in november, we will be flying to nearby cyprus to get married, as we cannot be legaly married in israel, (i am jewish and he is christian - no biggie in the rest of the world, but not accepted here) and the local council in crewe has a 4 month long waitng list. so cyprus it is.






I love this man more than anything in my life(, besides my two girls... whom are quite mad for him already.... ) i also adore his family, special standing ovation going to helen, his mum of all mums, who stood by we two through all the goings on of the past year which other people couldn't understand... two people from different worlds, who met on line, who would let nothing stop us from being together. from the very beginning, she gave us all of her support and has undertaken to teach me northern english slang as well..(and she always gets the best tickets on those manchester tel- aviv flights!)

For my soon to be ex- cyber sweety, who lived all of his life in a small town in northern england, its going to be quite an adventure for him... living in this strange new country amidst we crazy emotional israelis, learning hebrew, starting some kind of new career, eating our weiiiiiird food, putting up with the heat, our lousy telly (lol), all these things will be a BIT of culture shock i should suppose..lolololo,,, none of it matters.. finally after a year and six months of three hour long nightly icqs, (we only missed about a weeks night total in all that time) long phone calls, tons of e- mails, parcels, letters, piccies, drawings, and tons of love and missing and yearning, being there for each other in every way except physically, we will never have to have those awful goodbyes at the airports anymore..hurrray! (and wow will our phone and airplane bills go down as well!).

In my eyes he is the most wonderful man in the world, my lover my best friend, my soulmate .. oops getting all mushy again! a fantastic new life is beginning for us both. we both simply feel very very luck, and incredibly happy.

So at least one house in my neighbourhood in jerusalem will be having yorkshire pud with the traditional jewish sabbath dinner on Saturdays, and we will have a ceremonial throwing out of the icq forever from our computers. we wont need it anymore, though it served its purpose very well!

Thanks for listening!


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