Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Israel
He's From:     United Kingdom

In May of 1999, I was in my tenth year of a very unhappy marriage...

Feeling very lonely, I turned to yahoo chat as a way of finding some company apart from my very uncommunicative partner. As a multimedia artist, I work for hours on the computer, and it seemed very natural at the time.

  Liz and David at their First Meeting in London, September 1999
  In the beginning it was just a laugh ....joking around with different friends, and putting my rather sharp wit to use.... than I met d.

d lives in a small town in northern england, was 25 ( ten years younger than me) and was fantastic to talk to... (i live in jerusalem, israel) at first, i wouldnt allow my self to feel anything for him, even though we had reached a point were we were talking evry night for 3 hours on icq,,, without fail, and e- mailing each other, sending piccies, drawings, etc.... i was after all a married woman, with two small girls, not of the same
religion, and in a different country... it looked impossible...





  But after about 2 weeks, we both admitted that we felt something very very strong for each other,,, and the feeling was the " L " word. we had (and still do .) so much to say to each other it was amazing........ finally after 3 months of a very intensive chatting, and a few sneaked in phone calls from work( it had to all be so secretive on my part) i felt enough.... if i am so inlove with another man, 1) something is dead wrong in my marraige, and 2), im goingto have to make a decision here.... so i secured " permission " to go on a one week trip to England...
Needless to say it was incredible,, i knew the mintue i saw d, that my decision had been made.... i had to be with him, come what may... upon my return , i finally revealed my secret to my husband, which as you can imagine did not go on well... and decided to start a very painful divorce process. Thus i entered one of the hardest periods in my life, a period which my d stood beside me every step of the way like a rock... i moved out of my house, we arranged a comfortable custody with my children , and i entered a
new life as a free woman.... this was accompanied by my family not speaking to me for 3 months, and several bodily threats from my ex husband... in the last year, D and i have met 6 times (we try every month and a half) and have missed exactly 2 nights of talking to each other.. 

I have also gained a fantastic new mum, dad and sister, and a very spoiled german sheperd into the deal..,,, my little girls adore him as he does them ,andthey are setting out to teach him hebrew... ( good luck ladies..lololo) as well as learning that nifty northern english accent in another month my divorce will be finalised, and my wonderful, crazy D, will be moving to Israel to live with me,,,( i cannot take my children to live in England for custody reasons), we are now engaged, and are thinking about November -ish to finalise things..

My love will be coming in two weeks again, and we hope this will be the ;last time we have to make t that dreaded goodbye at the airport with all we've gone through, and been through for each other, .. all the differences. i feel as if , FINALLY IN MY LIFE, I HAVE GOTTEN THE GREATEST PRESENT THERE IS,,, THE CHANCE TO BE HAPPY WITH SOMEONE I TRULY LOVE.... and god knows doesn't everyone deserve that?

I could write you a fifteen page letter of all the wonderful things we share, but d is waiting for me at 11 in the icq,,,, after we'll have our nightly 2 hour phone talk... lol. so that's it for now!

ps i know my spelling is awful,, you should see it in Hebrew!!!!


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