It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   ?
She's From:   ?

I was chatting in yahoo lesgaybi teens room when this guy pmed me.


He told me about his girlfriend who was interested in a lesbian experience. Anyway, I thought he was joking - it all sounded so far fetched! But he gave me her ICQ number so, having nothing better to do at the time, I looked her up. 

It turned out that this guy wasn't her boyfriend at all, just an online friend who'd become obsessed with her and was beginning to really hassle her. When he discovered that we'd chatted and clicked, he became really nasty towards me telling lots of lies about my now girlfriend. He was doing everything he could to try and make me hate her. All he achieved in doing was pushing us closer together. 






After chatting for a couple of weeks, she and I exchanged mobile phone numbers and started talking on the phone and got on really well. A few weeks later, she had to move out of her house and in with her mum for various reasons and could no longer go online. So I thought that that would be the end of it. But no, we carried on talking on the phone for hours every night growing closer and closer until we realised that we were in love with each other. Five months after first chatting online, I went up to meet her. Looking back, it was a ridiculous thing to do, I got on a train, to a city I've never been to, to spend a weekend with someone I didn't know!

But she came and picked me up no problem and we went back to her place and had a lovely weekend, though I had to be taken to hospital with abdominal pains - turns out it was my appendix. 6 weeks later I went back again to stay with her for a week and we had the most amazing time, during my stay we celebrated our 6 month anniversary and we're still going strong despite a 5 year age gap and her having a 3 year old daughter and my mother being totally against the whole idea. Just goes to show that love can conquer everything!

"Little Blue"