It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Canada
He's From:     Canada

I had been using Yahoo chat for about 4 months going to love 30's and generally just chatting and enjoying my cyberfriends.


One evening in the room a man named Lakedudese came on and I noticed from him talking to other people he to was from Canada. He pmed me and we chatted the rest of the evening finding out we where from neighboring provinces. We had a great time we shared the same sense of humor and enjoyed laughing about our past "dysfunctional" relationships. We never planed meetings but we seemend to meet a few times a week. We were not looking for a relationship, we were just friends at first sharing our past, and hopes for the future.

But time went on and we both knew a deeper feeling was taking over but we both were unwilling to admit it was LOVE.






Yes, the L word. I mean how could this happen we had never met and i had never even seen a picture of Cody. He had one of me and noted that i was "cute." Hmmmm how do you take that?? cute?? Oh well he seemed to be attracted to me. LOL We wrote each other an email and explained to each other the feelings we felt. We both said that little by little over the past few months we had fallen in love with one another. It was exciting but yet all so strange how the feeling grew. I had been dating a few people in my own city but none seem to fill my life with the same feeling Cody gave me.

He did not like the idea that I was still dating, he had stopped dating completely at this time but for me I had to see what else was out there. I was scared that this relationship and feelings we had could only exist online and in real life things would be different. So we planned out first meeting to see how we felt about one another in "real life." Our first planned meeting was canceled by Cody due to his work. We both were disappointed but we planed another one about a month later.

Our meeting was planned in his province and i drove there to meet him. My god I was nervous and sweating and so was he. I went to his house and then we planed on going out to his cabin. I can say the meeting was everything we had planned it to be. We had a great time and the cabin was a great spot to really get to know one another. We stayed up late and talked for hours. I finally got to hold and kiss the man i had talked with over the past 6 months... what a relief! When the weekend was over we decided that we wanted to be together and made plans for him to move here. I had just started a new career with the government so it was best for him to look for work in my city. As well I have two children and it was best not to have to uproot them.

This brings me to the present situation. We plan on moving in together in late June/July and plan to get married next year. Yes, I'm a bit nervous about how family and friends will take the news and considering the unconventional meeting its a little hard for some to understand. But we both thought how else can we do this, we can't sit and chat and carry on our relationship over the net much longer we need to move on and take the next step. It involves some risk we both realize that but what's life with out a little risk. Sometimes we have to jump in with both feet and trust that we are both committed to make this relationship last a lifetime.