It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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Okay well I'm only 14 years old but i think this is a good story.

I really wanna put my story somewhere, so I figured here because I don't think anyone I know will find it here, but everyone else can enjoy it.


I hope none of my friends are reading this cuz they will kill me but anyways here is my story...

It all started (i forget the exact date) a little while after the 9/11 tragedy and I was just going around to different chatrooms looking for someone to talk to because I was really bored, and that's what I usually do when I'm bored. I usually find guys around my age and we talk for one day and that's the last I'll hear from them. But that's alright cuz some guys just freak me out. Occasionally I'll find guys that I'll keep in touch with for a while, but mostly its just a one day thing. I like to talk to guys ages 14 to around 16. The older guys freak me out and just want sex.






Well one day as usual i type in 14/f/nj here any guys wanna chat? and i get maybe 2 or 3 guys that im me. They were boring so I went into another chat room and just watched people talk and bitch at each other. Then someone said 13/m/ga here anyone girls wanna chat..if so press 123. I really didn't wanna talk to a 13 year old cuz they seem to young even though its only 1 year younger. But i was really bored and i just wanted to talk to someone. Plus, I've almost fallen in love with a 13 year old guy online before, but that ended quickly as soon as I met this one special guy, DJ. So i typed in 123 and he imed me saying "hey" and we started to chat. He seemed really cool, we talked about alot of things, and i knew that this was gonna be someone that i was gonna keep in touch with, but no-one too serious.

After a couple days of chatting we started to get hooked on talking to each other on the internet. We would plan times to meet online, and we would go on as soon as we got home from school so we could talk to each other. We started calling each other hun and babe and stuff. I started to get into DJ, but i knew i shouldn't because he lived in Georgia and nothing would happen between us. Meanwhile i still had a little thing for the other 13 year old that i met. But i ended that quickly because i was really into DJ and i felt i had to many things going on to even mess around with the other guy. He was pretty upset but it really didn't matter to me because i really liked dj.

One day we told each other that we had sorta a thing for each other. He put onto his profile, under marital stauts "I like a girl named Lauren". I didn't want to put anything like that on my profile cuz my friends would be like "who's dj?" and if i told them they would just laugh. So i figured to just put "**single**" and i told dj that the 2 stars stood for his name. DJ was like the sweetest guy i have ever met. I liked him soo much, i really wished that he lived in nj. It seemed like when i talked to him, all of my problems went away. He meant a lot to me, i think i started to fall in love with him.

We wrote each other sweet e-mails, and we told each other how we felt. That's when I started to know i was falling in love with him. I would pour my heart out to him in my e-mails and he would do the same. We would tell each other that we want to be together forever. I loved him soo much, and he was the only one i wanted to be with. I stopped going around in chatrooms and meeting guys because dj was the only one i wanted. I loved him and knew he was the one for me.

One day I came home and did my original routine. I threw my bags down on my bedroom floor and ran upstairs and tunred the computer on. I signed online and sure enough my baby was online. He imed me and said "guess what? i can't call you baby anymore" my heart dropped 2 my feet and i said "why????" and he said "I got a girlfriend" I dreaded those words, tears filled my eyes, and i started to cry. I couldn't believe he had gotten a girlfriend. I was so upset, i just wanted to die right there. He said "but don't worry we will probably break up in like 2 weeks, then we can go back to how we used to be" I didn't think that was true, but i had to deal with it.

Well one month went by and he was still with "Tabitha". That was like the worst month in my life. He would tell me all the stuff they would do together, how she fell asleep in his arms, and how he tells her he loves her. I got so upset, and i could tell that he knew that and he would apologize, even though that didn't help. Soon i started to drift away from him, i stopped liking him, since he had a girlfriend and all. We still talked to each other, but not nearly as much as we used to.

One day i came home from school and i couldn't get online after school, cuz my dad told me i couldn't. I really didn't care though cuz dj probably wasn't gonna be on, cuz he hasn't been for a while. I finally got on later that night, and he was on. He told me that he broke up with Tabitha. I was sooo happy, i couldn't believe it! I knew i shouldn't have gone back to him, because i think that's wrong but i couldn't resist, i knew i still loved him. So we went back to normal and every thing was great again.

DJ called me that night, and we could only talk for a little while because the cost of long distance. He had the sweetest voice! He had that southern accent!! I loved it soo much, I could talk to him forever. He told me online that i sounded sweet and hott on the phone. And i said the same to him, he told me everything, and i did the same. The second time on the phone he said "i love you" i was soooo happy he said that to me im like "awwww i love you too" I couldn't believe he actually said it. We also had this thing where we would look at the stars every night at the same time, knowing that we were both looking at the same sky.

He sent me his picture and a letter through the mail. I got it and went up into my room and opened it anxiously. I pulled out his picture..and i pictured him soo different, when i first looked at it, i didnt think he was that attractive, but looks didn't matter to me. But as time went by i began to think he was really hot. His letter was soo sweet, it said stuff like im so happy we are together, i wanna be with u forever, and i love you. I was more in love with him than ever. I didn't want to send him my picture because i was afraid of what he was gonna think of me. So i always made up excuses like i cant or i forgot. And eventually he just forgot about it.

Time went by and i thought it was time to tell my best friend about the feelings i had for dj. I told her, and a first she was cool about it, then she realized how stupid it was (well to her it was stupid) and she flipped out on me, and we got in a huge fight. And of course DJ was there for me and made me think that if she cant accept us liking each other, than she isn't a friend. He was always there for me and i was so in love with him. Me and Alyssa eventually got over it, and i just didn't mention anything about dj to her.

Time passed and me and dj were still very much in love until ONE day, which changed us. We were talking online like we normally do and he told me that he had something to tell me. I got scared and worried. He told me that he got a girlfriend, Katie. She was a freshman like me. He was really in love with her, he couldn't even say I love you to me anymore. I was soo upset, because he said he would love me forever even if he had a girlfriend. Which i KNEW he didn't love me he loved katie. He always talked about her, thats all i ever heard about, was katie, katie, katie. His whole profile was dedicated to her, he loved her, more than he loved me.

That's when we stopped talking, it was like we didn't even know each other. My life was horrible without him in it. I was depressed. I got mad all the time, and i wasn't happy, i just wanted to be loved by someone again. I still loved dj, and i haven't stopped loving him since the day i met him. I loved him so much and i wanted him back. I hated katie, she was a brat, and treated dj horrible, but he still went out her. I didn't know what he saw in her.

They eventually broke up and we went back to normal again, but he still sorta had a thing for katie. I hated it, because i knew he didn't love me, he loved katie. But he got over her and went back to loving me. My life was great again. I loved dj so much and i never wanted to lose him. He told me that he wanted to marry me, and he wanted to ask me in a few years, I told him i would, since i loved him so much.

Then dj had to tell me something, and if you hadn't already guessed, he got another girlfriend. They hooked up and everything. I was upset, this was the third time this had happened. But i figured that if i was really close to him like his best friend and i didn't act all bitchy that we could still be close while he had a girlfriend, and maybe he won't totally stop loving me. And it worked, i would say i love you to him (cus i still did) and he would say I **** you too since he didn't want to actually say it since he had a girl friend and all. I just had to wait until that day they broke up, so i could be with him again.

Eventually we broke apart from each other and barely talked. One day while we were talking online he asked me "do you still love me" and i said "not as much as i used to" even though i was lying because i really did love him a lot. But i was just jealous and everything cuz of him and his girlfriend. He flipped out on me and he goes don't talk to me until you love me again. So then i flipped out on him for saying that. He goes you don't know how much you mean to me, and i said yeah right, b/c all of those times he broke my heart. and he said "Lauren you never believe anything i say, just leave right now i dont wanna talk to you" so i go "dj i hate you" and signed offline. I was soo mad at him. He called me and was like i'm sorry (on my answering machine cuz i didn't pick up cuz i was mad).

Well we said our sorries after a while and he still had a girlfriend, and we didn't talk as much. It was sad because i loved him so much. He said he was sorry and he said he loved me but i didn't believe him since he had a g/f. I started to doubt my love for him. But i just let it pass cuz i knew i couldn't picture myself not loving dj. I would lie to him a lot saying that i might be getting a boyfriend to get him all jealous and stuff. He said to me okay i'll love you no matter what. I thought that was sweet, but i still don't think that's true. It seemed like he was hiding something from me. He was acting a lot different. I could sense that we were gonna grow apart, since we barley talked then. I didn't want that to happen because i loved dj so much, and i never wanted to loose him.

By now he didn't have a girlfriend but it was still a lot different between us. So I sorta got fed up with the wondering if he really still loved me. So i got the courage up to ask him if he still loved me, and he said yes, and i will never stop. I still didn't think he loved me even though he said he did. It was just the way he acted and how we barely talked.

Yet again, he got another girlfriend, but it wasn't as bad since we haven't talked much before that. But him having a new girlfriend brought us closer together, i acted more like his best friend than a girlfriend. I still say i love you to him and he says 831 back (8 letters 3 words 1 meaning -- i love you) since he cant say i love you since he has a girlfriend. I was starting to get to love our relationship. We were like best friends, but not like ohh i love you and i wanna be with you forever and stuff (not all that mushy stuff, even though i dont mind it).

By now i'm still so in love with him but i don't show it. But i wrote him an email and told him how much i love him and all my feelings for him, because i couldn't hold them in anymore. The next day we talked online and he told me that i was all he ever thinks about, he'll never get over me, and he wants to be with me forever, then he said those 3 litte words that made me fall for him all over again... I Love You. I started to cry, He hasn't said that to me in the LONGEST time. The best part is he still had a girlfriend, and he said it. DJ said that he doesn't even love her at all. I was soo surprised and happy. I love him soo much.

One day i accidently sent him this convo between me and this guy, that i met a while back on the internet, saying oh do u think we should try and meet in college and stuff, nothing big. I knew he was gonna get upset so i said sorry and that it was my friend talking and she sent you the convo to get you jealous and then we wont have to like each other. He said "that's okay, i just hope you don't really talk to guys like that," "i'm like noo its nothing like we used to be." He goes "used to be?? as far as i know we're are serious right?" i'm like "yea!" i was happy that he said that, and i felt reassured. And the good part was he still had a girlfriend when he said that.

Me and dj were chatting online as usual and he im's me saying i haven't said this in a long time but....i love you. I reply awwwww i love you 2. I felt so loved by him again, and it was the best feeling in the world. We have 2 songs now, Lonestar's "Im already there" and Joe's "I wanna know". Oh yeah did i mention, DJ still had a girlfriend.

Guess what? Yep that's right, DJ broke up with his girlfriend and he said he did it for me!!! He told me that i have the key to his heart!!! I love him so much, he's the only one for me. He told me that i'll always be his baby. Now he has on his profile under name: DJ aka hun, because i call him hun and under marital status he has ******single****** the six stars are for my name! He's so sweet, and i hope we are together forever.

Well a lot of time has passed and we had our fights, bad ones 2. One time he said it was over. He told me to pretend that he didnt even exist. so i did and he got all mad, and he told me that he cant live without me. So we said sorry and everything was okay again.

Then we got in this HUGE fight, probably the biggest one we ever had. I was the one who screwed up bad this time. He knows my password for my aol account and he went through my mail, i usually don't care, and he found a bad e-mail. I sent myself this convo between me and this 18 year old where we were talking privately to each other. I usually never did anything like that to hurt dj, and i dont know what came over me. I was soo stupid. I forgot to delete it and he found it. He wrote me and email and told me it was over forever between us, b/c i hurt him more than once and he was sick of it. I coulnd't believe what i've done. I was so mad at myself. I cried myself to sleep that night, knowing that it was over forever between me and dj. I lost my baby to something soo stupid. I wrote him an email that night and told him how sorry i was and how much i loved him, it was really long.

The next day i woke up and went online and he wrote me back saying that he was soo sorry for saying that it was over, and that it wasn't over. I was soo happy that he forgave me. I was very grateful. That proves how good of a guy he is. I love him soo much.

Things changed between us again after that happened. We don't even say I love you when we get off line. And he told me that he likes 2 other girls. So i wrote him an email saying that i don't think its true love anymore b/c if it was u wouldn't like anyone else besides that person and he does. I still love him and i wish it was still true love but i don't think was anymore.

I talked to him online a couple days later after i wrote that e-mail and he told me that i was still his true love and all of this other really really sweet stuff. I gave in and told him that he was still my true love too, and he was after he reassured me of all the things he told me. I didn't think he loved me anymore, but he said he did and he always will.

Then one day something bad happened. Me and one of my friends played this joke on him pretending to be a girl online and we asked if he could call us and he did. We wanted to see if he would say i love you back to my friend, and he did! I couldn't believe it, i thought he loved me. So i thought that he said that to anyone and he didn't really mean it to me. He said the only reason he said it was so that he didn't make the girl feel bad. I was still upset, but yet i still loved him.

I bet you know exactly what happened next, yep thats right, we made up. I cant stand staying mad at him. I knew that he really loved me because of how long we've been together, and all the fights we had, and we never ever left each other, to me thats true love.

Ever since then, until now, we've been a GREAT couple, and i love dj with all of my heart. We had fights like all couples do but we always make up. I know that he is the man im gonna marry, even though im only 14. He is the love of my life and i want to be with him forever. You probably wont ever read this dj, but i just want to let you know that i love you baby, and i never wanna loose you, you mean the world to me, you are my everything, my one and only, i love you dj and never forget that.

Well there's my story, sorry i cant tell you how things turned out, but i know exactly what's gonna happen, we are gonna meet when we get older, get married, have kids, and be together forever. Sorry about the non ending story, but to me, there's no ending to me and dj's love. I LOVE YOU DJ!!