Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     United Kingdom

I was relatively new to the net when I decided to join a site for singles and friendship, I was working as a nurse at the time so my
social life was practically Zero.

  I was really only interested in friendship, maybe e-mail contact only, as I had two years previously divorced my husband who was a binge drinker, and my first marriage was a violent one, so was really reluctant to enter into a relationship again for a while.

Well after chatting to a few regular people in this chatroom for about 3 months, one night this person called Graham (Iggyb) came into the room, we started chatting, and wow! before long something was happening to me that I really wasn't sure of, he said the same, now I have heard
of Internet Romance but to be honest I laughed at the thought, I mean how on earth could anyone connect online, just by reading text? yet here I was feeling all the things I laughed at.







We spent many many nights, some all night, just getting to know one another learning of each others personal details, and after a long while we decided to take it one step further, we chatted on the phone, my heart was doing somersaults, I was trembling, despite knowing all there was to know of this guy I met online, it was incredible, to hear a voice which somehow seemed familiar to me.

We done this for many nights/weeks and then we decided the time was right to actually meet up, it was then we exchanged photographs. Graham lived 3 hours away from me, I lived in Kent - he lived in Birmingham, so even to begin with it was an unlikely relationship purely because of the distance we lived apart. But we met this night (yes we took all the safety precautions concerning meeting off line) met in a public place, and it was incredible, it was like we had known each other for years, this was back in the year 2000, and I am happy to say, we are as still in love as we were in the beginning.

He is a wonderful man, so loving, caring, and because of work commitments, he still works in Birmingham so we often have to spend time apart, but we send each other romantic cards, chat online every night, chat on the phone most days, even send each other love letters scented with each others perfume or aftershave.

Our love is so strong I don't think I have ever felt so "connected" with someone in my life. We say things, do things right at the same time as each other, we have even sent each other the same Love greeting card on the same day, same time.

So thanks to the Internet, and to the chatroom where we first met, I have found my Soulmate. Always believe it can happen to you, at any time, we are living proof
that Internet Romance really works.